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Book Tour for Into the Dark: A Superstitious Reverse Harem Romance Anthology

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the INTO THE DARK A Superstitious Reverse Harem Romance Anthology Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. This is a great anthology with all proceeds going to a mental health charity. In darkness, find light, love, and adventure! Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaways!

About The Book:


Authors: Eve Newton, Cate Corvin, Ginna Moran, Melissa Adams, Debbie Cassidy, Mia Harlan, Cali Mann, M. Sinclair, A.J. Macey, R.L Caulder, Stacey Brutger, Jewels Arthur, M. J. Marstens, Eva Delaney, Hanleigh Bradley, Tabitha Barret, J.E Cluney, Imani L. Hawkins, Avery Stone, Amelia K Oliver, Eileen Troemel Lilith Darville

Pub. Date: August 10, 2021

Publisher: Eve Newton

Formats: eBook

Find it: GoodreadsAmazonB&NiBooksKobo

Travel into the dark and discover over a dozen sexy reverse harem stories twisted with superstitious lore. 

Hell's Princess cursed into finding her destiny

 A witch cursed to be mortal. 

 Demons fighting hexes. 

Vampires in need of some luck...and more!

From sizzling slow-burn attraction to steamy-goodness, there is something for every romance lover.

Grab your copy today and don't miss out on this limited-edition collection that will be removed from sale on September 10th 2021. All proceeds benefit a mental health charity. In darkness, find light, love, and adventure!

Includes titles: Hell's Curse by Eve Newton; Curses Bite by Ginna Moran; Lupine: Pigs Might Fly by Hanleigh Bradley; Bloody Lucky by Cali Mann; Dahlia: With a Side of Fries by Tabitha Barret; Sweet Lunacy by Avery Stone; Insurrection Chapters 1-3 by R.L. Caulder & M. Sinclair; Menace to the Assassins (An Academy of Assassin's novel) by Stacey Brutger; My Soul to Keep by Debbie Cassidy; Death's Deeds by A.J. Macey & M.J. Marstens; Deflated by Eva Delaney & Mia Harlan; Dreaming of Me by Melissa Adams; Friday by Amelia K. Oliver & Eileen Troemel; Infernally Taken by Jewels Arthur

Full list of Authors: Eve Newton, Cate Corvin, Ginna Moran, Melissa Adams, Debbie Cassidy, Mia Harlan, Cali Mann, M. Sinclair, A.J. Macey, R.L Caulder, Stacey Brutger, Jewels Arthur, M. J. Marstens, Eva Delaney, Hanleigh Bradley, Tabitha Barret, J.E Cluney, Imani L. Hawkins, Avery Stone, Amelia K Oliver, Eileen Troemel Lilith Darville

May include scenes of M/M & F/F

May contain triggering situations.

Excerpt of Bloody Lucky by Calli Mann

“Margarite,” Hayden called behind me. His voice was deep and gruff, and full of promised violence. “Come out, come out.” 

I turned the corner, sliding down the wall. I trembled with need, my blood hunger racing through me, but I definitely wasn’t coming out. 

I’m safe. I whispered the words to myself as Cameron and Dominic always had when we’d hidden away in the old shed. Old Mr. Williams stomping around with his shotgun outside. Cameron unhooking my bra and Dominic kissing his way up my thigh. I shivered now as I had then, my ears straining for the sound of an approaching enemy. 

But I could hear Hayden’s footsteps going in the other direction. The weight in each one reminded me of his linebacker shoulders and cruel fists. If he could catch me, he’d crush me. A relieved sigh escaped me. Maybe I’d escaped this one.

But why had I been thinking about Cameron and Dominic? I grimaced. Maybe because with them I had been safe. Our twilight years of high school had been all about doing anything we could get away with- making dangerous leaps into the pond, fucking in old man William’s shed, and stealing whatever we could get our hands on. The twin brothers had been everything to me- best friends, lovers, partners in crime- and my heart ached thinking of their needless death. All because they’d known me- the unluckiest vampire in the world. 

“Margarite,” Hayden called closer than I expected, and I jumped. 

I wasn’t safe. Climbing to my feet, I pressed my back against the stone and inched along the corridor. I knew I should stand up to Hayden. I was an air shifter, though I hadn’t gotten my bird form yet, and a vampire and I was eighteen. I should be able to defend myself. 

Hayden’s laughter echoed down the hall as if he’d heard my thoughts. He was a natural predator, and despite my vampirism, I was prey. Everyone worried about Spirit Shifters at Thornbriar Academy and the damage their madness could do, but no one thought about us—prey trapped in a school of predators. 

I continued along the corridor, looking for someplace to hide. This was a little used corner of the Academy. Cobwebs hung off the door frames and none of the lights were on. I could see fine in the dark with my abilities, though if I didn’t eat soon, I might lose those. My hand closed on a door knob, and I turned it slowly, praying it wouldn’t squeak. I got lucky. I slid inside the room and closed the door behind me. 

I leaned against it, listening for Hayden’s step. The hallway outside was quiet. Maybe I’d been lucky and Hayden had gotten bored. If he did come down this way, would his tiger’s eyes be good enough to see the disturbance in the cobwebs where I’d snuck inside? I felt the door, looking for a lock, and found it, turning it. 

Next to the door, a pile of boxes were stacked. I shoved them over in front of the door. No one was getting in here. I bit my lip. But I wasn’t getting out either, and hunger clawed at my insides. My arm knocked a small box and it tumbled to the ground, opening, and spilling its contents. Colorful ribbons, bracelets, and a hot-pink rabbit’s foot tumbled out. I blinked. Where had they come from? Some child’s toys? I squatted down, and put them back in the box, one by one. 

I stopped at the rabbit’s foot, turning it over in my hand. It was a fake of course. I wouldn’t expect any real animals harmed in a shifter’s trinket, though a bunny was prey. I didn’t have any pockets in my school issued skirt, but I picked up one of the longer ribbons and slid it through the keyring.  I put my makeshift necklace over my head and it dangled between my breasts. An unlucky vampire like me could use all the luck she could get.

Returning the box to it’s spot, I looked in some of the other ones. Mostly books and papers as if they’d been stored when a teacher left. Something brushed against my leg, and I reached for it, but there was nothing there.  I chuckled. If there were rodents in here, they’d be sorry because I was hungry enough to eat them right now. 

Moonlight trickled in the far window illuminating the space. A four post bed stood across from me and the dresser, but no other signs of it once being a student dorm. The door rattled, and I froze, my eyes darting back to it. It was locked. I’d locked it, hadn’t I? I listened, silent, until he moved down the hall. Then I tiptoed forward and checked the lock. Secure. I exhaled, turning back to the empty room. 

“Margarite,” a male voice said. 

I spun back to the door, leaning against it, listening. Had Hayden found me? 

A hand curled over my breast, squeezing my nipple. 

Batting at whatever it was, I gasped, “Who’s there?” 

Lips kissed along my neck, and another voice whispered, “Margarite hasn’t forgotten us? Her partners-in-crime?” 

Something tugged on my underwear. 

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About The Authors:

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Eve Newton

Cate Corvin

Ginna Moran

Melissa Adams

Debbie Cassidy

Mia Harlan

Cali Mann

M. Sinclair

A.J. Macey

R.L Caulder

Stacey Brutger

Jewels Arthur

M. J. Marstens

Eva Delaney

Hanleigh Bradley

Tabitha Barret

J.E Cluney

Imani L. Hawkins

Avery Stone

Amelia K Oliver

Eileen Troemel

Lilith Darville


Giveaway Details:

There are 2 giveaways. One ends August 16th and one ends on September 4th


1 winner will win a Kindle Paperwhite, US Only. Ends 8/16


1 winner will receive a $10 Amazon GC. International, Ends 9/4

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