Thursday 28 January 2021

Author of The Forest Witch, Britt Laux, Reveals Her Favourite Movies


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About The Book:

Title: THE FOREST WITCH (Tales of Unara, Book One)

Author: Britt Laux

Pub. Date: February 1, 2021

Publisher: Magic and Moons Press

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 333

Find it:  GoodreadsAmazon, Kindle,

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A warrior, her witch, and the spark that ignites a war.

Lanira na Caliri never expected to find a human in the North Forest of Unara, let alone a witch. When she discovers Siobhan unconscious by the portal that leads to her world, she soon learns of a prophecy that foretold her coming. A warning that a daughter of Unara will bring destruction upon the realm. The reign of blood will come again unless Lanira can stop it. With the little witch by her side, Lanira embarks on a journey across the clans of Unara to unite the people and save her realm from the Dark Karika’s return at all costs. Even if she must risk losing herself to the mysterious Minra na Goran in the process.

Top 5 favorite movies

I’m definitely more of a series person, and I could rewatch all six seasons of Lost on repeat with no problem.

As far as movies, I really love the cinematography of the 2005 Pride and Prejudice. It’s just such a beautiful film. And the hand flex. We all love that, I think!

I love The Hobbit films more than LOTR, and an all-time favorite from my childhood is Drop Dead Fred. Watching it as an adult, I’m not sure it was really appropriate lol!

About Britt: 

Britt is an Ohio-based author and editor, and parent to three. They are inspired by the baby forest they live in, often found wandering through the trees thinking up new stories. You can catch them on Instagram - almost constantly - @authorbrittlaux or @magicandmoonspress, where they share inspiration for other indies.

Website | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon


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Wednesday 27 January 2021

Your Mid-Week Update for 01/27/21

I did not think that renting a storage unit would be the most complicated part of this process. I had a dream about flaying a person and that was easier than finding a place that will rent for cheap. But I did it. I found a place by the airport that set a reasonable price and I got everything squared away this weekend. I had to set everything up legally, but what girl doesn’t have a spare government id and SSN lying around?

I went through a phase where I only killed woman who looked like me so I could steal their identities (and of course, their bodies were never found so they wouldn’t show up in the system as deceased. It was surprisingly easy to break into the rental office and remove my file and the security footage while James destroyed the surveillance system for the whole area. It’ll take them a while to replace it and by then, we’ll have our whole ‘murder den’ set up. Not sure if it’s a murder den or a torture den since part of my experiment is testing to see how long I can keep a person alive – or more precisely: how few limbs with which a human can survive. But I don’t want anything from them; I’m not looking for information, I’m not getting anything extra out of their pain (I mean, I might, but that’s not the purpose of this exercise), and they are most certainly going to die. So is it torture, or is it just really slow murder?

That’s like when does a murder become an assassination? Is it intent? Is it method? Is it the people involved and what they’re getting out of it?

Regardless, James and I are spending all our free time pulling old material from the basement and occasionally ransacking hardware stores’ recycling to find tools to build a …whatever-we’re-gonna-call-it den. Once that happens, I can start flaying people.

Ever since I had that dream, it’s all I’ve been able to think about. I’ve been doing a little research on how exactly to do it and it seems simple enough. Like thinly slicing a ham. Really tough, really thinly sliced ham.

I’m really curious about how a person who’s flayed actually dies. Because you can lose the entire layer of skin but not die if it’s done properly but all the articles say that it will definitely kill you. They also say that a number of factors will be your undoing (hypothermia, shock, exsanguination, infection), so I’m curious about what will happen to my victim. I haven’t chosen one yet since the ___ den isn’t set up yet and there’s no point, but I’ve definitely been keeping an eye out for people who might look easy to skin.

I’m also trying to figure out a way to get a tub of boiling water into the storage unit. I read that it’s a lot easier to peel the skin if it’s been boiled first. I don’t think my tea kettle will do the trick, so if you have any ideas, please feel free to pass them along. Although, the image of me running back and forth with a kettle of water to fill a tub large enough to boil a human person is very amusing, it might be a little bit suspicious and I’d rather not take my chances on this.

There are a lot of things that we’re doing differently, here. Anything we can control, we should.

So. Any idea how to fill a tub with boiling water while in a storage unit with two plugs?

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

Wednesday 20 January 2021

Your Mid-Week Update for 01/20/21

I received an anonymous message from a reader who informed me that human combustion (spontaneous or otherwise) is not possible. Which is, of course, very disappointing. I do thank you, dear readers, for crushing my dreams because at least now I know the truth.

And now that I know my desired outcome is no longer available, I am more than willing to experiment to discover just what sort of monstrosities I can discover. That’s the wonderful thing about losing, isn’t it: once there is no destination to your journey, you can go wherever you like.

When the fuck did I get so optimistic?

I don’t like it.

Instead of aiming towards non-spontaneous human combustion, I am going to take this time to see just what I can do to a human body. I want to discover just how much pain a person can withstand. Knowing they’re going to die will definitely help (there’s no deadlines here, only trial and error).

I’ve been thinking about renting out a space exclusively for these tests. I would do them in the basement but that might be a lot of comings and goings for the neighbours to observe. And neighbours love to observe, don’t they? Why is that?

What is with this nosy stereotype? Obviously, it’s a stereotype for a reason but why are people so obsessed with knowing everyone else’s business? I’ve never had the most stellar relationship with my neighbours. It was necessary to get them to trust me but like me so much that they took an interest in my life. And you all know how likeable I am.

The alternative to drawing the attention of potentially nosy neighbours is renting out a storage unit or apartment where I can have some anonymity and privacy to conduct these experiments and store bodies for long periods of time.

Obviously, you should all be familiar with the stages of death by now: Pallor mortis, Algor mortis, Rigor mortis, Livor mortis, and Putrefaction (yes, I wikipedia’d the correct medical terms, sue me). But what does that look like in different parts of the body, or when different body parts are detached from others and kept in different environments? Would an eyeball in the sun decompose faster than a liver in a steam shower?

Could I talk to a forensic scientist to satisfy my curiosity without turning some random warehouse into a crime scene? Of course.

But it’s not as fun.

And if you’re not going to be doing something for fun in 2021, then what the hell are you doing it for?

Money. Probably money.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

Saturday 16 January 2021

Release Day for Rescued By The Water Dragon Prince by Aria Winter and Jade Waltz

I am so excited that RESCUED BY THE WATER DRAGON PRINCE by Aria Winter & Jade Waltz is available now and that I get to share the news!

If you haven’t yet heard about this wonderful book, be sure to check out all the details below.

This blitz also includes a giveaway for a $10 Amazon GC courtesy of Rockstar Book Tours, Aria, & Jade. So if you’d like a chance to win, check out the giveaway info below.

About The Book:

Title: RESCUED BY THE WATER DRAGON PRINCE (Elemental Dragon Warriors #3)

Author: Aria Winter & Jade Waltz

Pub. Date: January 15, 2021

Publisher: Purple Fall Publishing

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 172

Find it: GoodreadsAmazon

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We set out from Earth to colonize a new world, but ended up crashing on a planet full of dragon shifters.

These fierce Drakarian warriors believe in a fated bond. A glowing mark appears on their chest when they find their fated one.

Prince Llyr of the Water Clan insists that he knows in his heart we're meant to be together. The only problem is, his chest doesn’t have the mark and I worry he might be wrong.

Llyr is everything I could ever want, but how can I give him my heart when he might end up fated to another?

Grab the first 2 books in the series!

Claimed by the Fire Dragon Prince: Dragon Shifter Romance (Elemental Dragon Warriors Book 1)

Stolen by the Wind Dragon Prince: Dragon Shifter Romance (Elemental Dragon Warriors Book 2) ,

Pre-order the final book in the series now!

Healed by the Earth Dragon Prince: Dragon Shifter Romance (Elemental Dragon Warriors Book 4) , Releasing February 19, 2021


Wednesday 13 January 2021

Your Mid-Week Update for 01/13/21

I cannot believe I’ve spent so much of my time not utilizing my access to websites that should absolutely not be so readily available to civilians. For example: Medical Supply Stores. Literally anyone can buy medical products online with enough creative billing. It’s not difficult. And there’s so many toys.

Disposable Skin Stapler

Good for emergency stitches and for stapling a man’s mouth shut so he can’t call for help.

I can buy injected anesthesia for $80. Of course, a lot of medication is restricted and reserved for COVID-19 treatment and so I will respectfully not buy any right now.

But I can and that’s the real point here.

I can buy a bottle of nitroglycerin. I’d have to buy a fair bit for it to be used as an explosive but I don’t want to use it as an explosive. Or, I don’t want to do terrorist-y things with it. I want to see if I can explode someone from the inside out.

Google was zero help in trying to figure out how to make someone internally explode (though I did see some really cool videos of a star turning inside out). I also found out about an Anime called ‘Fire Force’ and my first thought was that Jason would have liked that in high school, and my second thought was that it was not helpful in my journey.

In my own research, I’ve discovered that blood on its own, will not burn. Its more water based, so it just evaporates.

Completely off-topic tangent, I hate ‘its’ vs ‘it’s’. Every other possessive gets an apostrophe but noooo, ‘its’ has to be special and make me second guess myself every time I type.


It got me thinking that I should do some practical theory work on some poor, unsuspecting victim and find out what internal body parts will ignite and which ones will not. I’m not looking for spontaneous human combustion – I know what the cause will be. Or, I will know as soon as I figure it out.

I need a science nerd friend.

I sometimes use reddit to ask hypothetical questions but you can’t really trust the internet on this stuff.

What you can trust the internet for is selling you totally legal tools for killing people. And for that, I love it dearly.

And after all these years, my knowledge of anatomy is pretty stellar. But chemistry is a whole different deal and I need a nerd who knows their stuff.

Now accepting applications, I suppose.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Your Mid-Week Update for 01/06/21

I had a dream that I missed writing this week’s update. That’s where I’m at, currently. I have stress dreams about not doing this completely voluntary thing even though this is not the thing that should be causing me stress.

Honestly, things are pretty good right now. I know it’s very cliched to say that, because as soon as I do, something massive and world-changing will happen like it’s the fifth season opener of a tv series no one is entirely sure should be renewed for a sixth.

The calm before the shit storm.

But I mean it. Things aren’t amazing but they’re okay and after last year, okay is exactly what I need. Casey is back at school and James and I are committed to more date nights (though we had to make Casey swear that she wouldn’t go out and kill anyone on those nights until she’s a little older). She’s more than capable of looking after herself but there’s just too many variables if we’re out and she goes off on her own without any backup. I can do it because I’m stupid and I’ve been doing this a little bit longer than her.

Longer than she’s been alive. I hate that thought.

My work at the bank is boring but keeps me occupied and gives me a fairly steady schedule which, again, after my year, some stability is ideal. I’m not thinking about the mystery woman, I’m not going to try and reach out to Jason, no one knows Heather was with us when she went missing. The three of us can move forward without fear of the past.

I’ve really jinxed it. Shit. Well, whatever hell I invite upon myself, I know I’m not alone.

Which is why it felt so odd this morning to wake up with the thought: I missed writing the update. I miss updates all the time. It’s my blog, I could stop writing it any time I wanted to. After all: this is the most damning evidence against me since I got rid of the diaries (though admittedly a little harder to trace). It would probably be in my best interest to completely erase any trace of my life from the internet.

But the truth is: I need this outlet. As much as I know some of you enjoy reading my murderous exploits – and some of you still think it isn’t real – I’m writing all of this for me. To be completely honest and open, to share everything about my life knowing there’s no one else I can tell. I love my husband but he doesn’t know what it’s like inside my head. The need to kill. He’s seen it and he understands it, but he doesn’t comprehend what it’s actually like to live in my head. Casey is like me. Her brain is hardwired to take and to play. But she’s a fifteen-year-old-girl. It’s been a long time since I was fifteen and there are some things we can never share because I am, in essence, her mother.

I don’t want to call myself that. I was a mother to two beautiful children who weren’t mine and as much as I loved them (and they loved me), it ended in disaster. I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love Casey deeply. I’m just not ready to give my heart away like that. Not yet.

The point is.

The point is, there are things I can’t share with the people closest to me so I write it here, for you dear readers to peruse my mind. And maybe you’ll see a bit of yourself in here and know that you’re not alone. Or maybe you’ll convince yourself that this isn’t real and give in to your macabre fantasies that you tell yourself you’d never act on.

But I know that every one of you have wondered what it would be like to punch someone in the face for no reason. Staple someone’s eyelids shut. Gut someone from noes to toes and drain them like you were preparing an animal for feasting.

Most of you will never, ever know what it’s like to see the light drain from a person’s eyes but I know for a fact, that I am no alone in my desires.

So, I’ll let you live vicariously through me, surrender to your baser wants without having to get your hands dirty.

It’s a symbiotic relationship and I’m happy for it to remain as it is. So long as we both still need each other.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe