Wednesday 31 October 2018

Your Mid-Week Update for 10/31/18

I feel like I’m going crazy. It could just be the holidays – you know I love Halloween. It’s my favourite excuse to go Michael Myers on a town.

Did you know I met Stanley Stiers? He was the inspiration for the character Michael Myers in Halloween. He’s dead now but when I was about 11, my family was on vacation and pulled over in a truck stop late at night. No one else was there except for an old man sitting in a corner. While my parents were getting food and directions, my sister and I sat with him. To this day I don’t know why but we both gravitated towards him as soon dad turned his back. We didn’t say anything – just coloured (because we were always colouring and destroying things). He seemed like a nice old man. Never smiled though. When our parents came to get us, he pulled out his wallet and gave my mother money. Presumably for our meal. A photo fell out. There were three children: two girls and one boy. The boy wasn’t smiling. On the back was written: Susie S., Stanley S., and Marie L. ’23. I handed it back but he shook his head. I still have that photo. Years later, I was googling prolific serial killers and psychopaths – for fun of course – and I came across a young man who killed his family and several people in town in 1923. He looked an awful lot like the boy in the photo.

I thought that was a sign. To keep digging. To keep learning. To give in. I had already been killing for years when I found out who he was. But it really was a sign.

I think I’m being followed. Just little things like the feeling of being watched; something in the corner of my eye. There was someone in the house again. I could hear the doors opening and closing, floorboards squeaking. Nothing was touched. So I have to wonder what they wanted.

In my line of work there’s always the chance of being found out and blackmailed or threatened. And being a women – often alone at night – there are those who would see me as a target. I’ve dealt with both. This isn’t that.

Maybe I am just crazy around the holidays but I’m not taking that chance.

I won’t be coming home tonight. And someone of you won’t either.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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