Wednesday 24 October 2018

Your Mid-Week Update for 10/24/18

You’d think I would be on board for The Purge but here’s my thing. People suck. They’re not good at things. They think they understand how the world works and don’t need to understand an art form in order to master it. Murder – like painting, or acting – is an art. It is constantly studied throughout a lifetime. You can’t go to school and learn everything you need to know to be successful. Art takes work. So to allow just anyone to pick up a knife and kill is reckless and irresponsible. There are people who are paid to do this or have spent their lives dedicated to the art. Why not leave it to them and allow others to continue to do what they have trained to do?

The more killers there are, the more demand for murder dies. And there is demand. There are assassins, spies, military men, full-time hobbyists all around. Why would there be so many already if there was nothing to be gained?

I understand the need to release tension and the urge to let loose all the furry that a landscape architect could possibly muster; but it’s just not a viable option. They don’t know what they’re doing but they think they do because they see it on TV. I hate when people think because they read one book or watched movie, they’re suddenly an expert (on any subject). No! You’re just an entitled asshole.

My point is: as much fun as The Purge looks, it’s not a practical. You know what would help reduce stress and anger? A better economic, social, emotional, financial, ecological, political, sexual (any sort of -al) environment. Maybe fix the other broken things before creating more problems.

I’m just saying. The world is already fucked up and this is a problem we can actually avoid. Why make it worse?

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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