Wednesday 10 October 2018

Your Mid-Week Update for 10/10/18

I’ve decided to try an experiment to see how many people I can kill with office equipment. I’m sure I’ve done a game like this before but boredom breeds curiosity. Probably. It does now.

I’m just at a point where I’m waiting. James is looking into Mary’s death but because it’s been so long, the case has virtually been abandoned. I don’t blame the police for prioritizing recent cases – especially when I am the cause of them – but I want to know what happened the that poor woman. If I had my way, she’d still be alive. She had at least a few more months of life before I ended it. It’s so unfair. I just want to know what happened.

I’ve come forward as a bereaved friend to say that her boyfriend was cheating on her. I have to be careful about how much I reveal (lest they find the urge to look through cafĂ© security footage) but it should be just enough to keep investigators looking into her case.

But until then, there’s nothing engaging going on. I mean yes, fiscal year end is a nightmare but it’s so predictable: late hours, a pile of receipts and so many numbers I can’t see straight. It happens every year.

So sometimes I need to do something to occupy my brain when it’s pressed into a mundane task. This week it’s going to be stationary murders.

Not murders while in a stationary position. Murders WITH stat

That’s not a bad idea as well. See how many victims I can make come to me and then I kill them with some sort of office appliance.

That’s the advanced version of the game. We’ll see how challenging murders with stationary are before we try and add another layer.

Don’t want to overwhelm myself during crunch time; this is just a stress reliever.

I think I’ve been clenching my jaw too much lately. It’s foreseeable stress and yet it gets me every time. I might have to go see someone. We’ll see what my dentist says in a few months.

Remember to take care of your health as well as your job.

See: I’ve got life lessons and advice for you all. Quality content.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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