Wednesday 3 October 2018

Your Mid-Week Update for 10/03/18

And suddenly it’s winter.

I swear, this town doesn’t have four seasons, it only has two and I can never seem to be happy with either. Sure, I can use the awful weather to my advantage but daily life is a struggle when you’re wearing shorts and a tank top one day and a parka the next.

I sometimes wish I could move somewhere where the weather is a little more consistent. I’d have a much more esthetically pleasing wardrobe, the headaches would be gone, I wouldn’t be complaining about it now.

I’d be complaining about something else but not the weather.

I complain about this every season but here’s why I think we all do this. It’s one of the few things that people in a city have in common with each other. It’s something that can bring people together: bitching about the same things over and over.

Routines are a part of humanity, I’ve come to notice. Traditions are connective and comforting. They also are predictable to a point where someone could, say, stalk you for a few days, learn your routine and use it to kill you.

For example.

I didn’t even go into work yesterday because of the fucking snow. But, of course, we still had to work from home. God forbid, you actually get some time away from work.

I will NOT get into a rant about western culture’s misunderstanding of human decency and what’s important in life. It’s too cold for that.

The heat feels like it’s out – I know it’s not – but it’s absolutely freezing. Like, gloves indoors levels of cold. I’m over it. I just want to kill the people and drive safely home to a warm house. Is that too much to ask for?

That’s all. Be warm. Stick to your routines because it makes things easier for me. Stop fucking snowing!

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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