Monday 20 May 2013

Undercover Lovers #18: House Hunters

This whole functioning in society is just not working for me guys. I'm serious; I'm not doing so well and I feel like you guys are really suffering for it. I feel like it's been so long so we spoke. How are you?
Here's some smut to make up for it.
Okay so it's unedited smut but please me gentle. This week - this month - is insane and all I can ask for is your patience in the coming days. We're almost back to your regularly scheduled programming, I swear.
JuNoWriMo is right around the corner and I'm frantically trying to plot this story that I really want to tell you. It keeps getting darker as I go along but it's still good and I'm still excited to write. I just need to get through this month.
Now without further a do-do let's read some Undercover Lovers.
...I'm so sorry.

“Alright folks if you’ll just follow me out of the library we’ll continue with our tour down the hallway and into the kitchen.” A crowd of six or seven couples all piled out of the spacious floor-to-ceiling shelved room of books that the realtor promised would stay with the house. All except one couple.
Rick pulled Kate aside as they shuffled through the crowd leaning in so his hot breath in her ear sent shivers down her spine. "Do you have any idea how long I've been thinking about taking you up against one of these bookshelves?" He bit her earlobe, pulling her hip sharply against his.
She gasped of her own volition, melting against the wall while she rolled her hips slowly over his. "Since we stepped in the room."
"Since we stepped in the room" he confirmed, rewarding her with a nibble down her neck, leaving her pawing at the back of his head, begging him to be nearer. “The idea of taking you in a room full of books, everyone watching…” her eyes shot open as he reached her collarbone just to check that his description was metaphorical. “So hot.”
No more talking, she decided, pulling up to capture his tongue with her own. She cupped his back, pulling and gripping all the flesh she could capture and only succeeding in bunching his dress shirt in a desperate need for more.
“Keep up Mr. and Mrs. Marlowe” They flew apart just as the realtor stepped through the door frame. Rick was looking around, his hands in his pockets while his girlfriend was reduced to leaning against the bookshelf, staring off into space. They prayed she didn’t notice their heavy breathing or that fact that his shirt was untucked and bunched at his lower back exposing all that delicious flesh Kate was trying so hard not to think about.
They both looked up expectantly, startling the woman with their syncronicity. “Yes just a second.” Kate smiled while the woman stood in the doorway, waiting for them. Couldn’t she just wait outside? Trying not to glare at her, Kate reached for her boyfriend’s hand and dragged him out of the library with surprising aggression.
While she dragged him into the kitchen, Rick leaned into her ear. “I thought we were going to”
“Later.” She needed to focus first. His breathing was distracting her enough not mention the feel of their palms squeezing and tugging and playing out all the things she wanted their bodies to be doing. Curse that man.
He went along with it, let her lead as they rejoined the group, staying to the back. While the evil woman in the front went on to describe the cabinets and newly installed countertops, Kate kneaded the flesh of his wrist, keeping her eyes forward while she scratched at his skin, playing out her darkest fantasies. He just stared at her. “Kate”
The woman in front of them turned around to shush them but was silenced by a glare from Kate, turning back to her husband who had zoned out somewhere between ‘welcome’ and ‘follow me’. Rick couldn’t blame him. The realtor was a crotchety old woman maybe in her thirties who looked more like a flight attendant than a business woman. But, oh, did she love the sound of her own voice. It was amazing she even noticed the patrons she was showing the house to with all the noise she was making. One simple question and she was off on a tangent about the history or stoves. “Why are we doing this again?” He mumbled as they continued into the next room for their tour.
Kate shoved him against the doorframe as they passed through, pressing her tight body against his with her wandering eyes. “Because you wanted to start looking at houses ‘just for fun’.” Well Mister Castle, she bit her tongue as she sauntered into the other room, we’re going to have lots of fun.
The next room was the dining room, spacious and warm with thick curtains for ambiance on those romantic evenings. Lining one wall was a row of mahogany china cabinets, empty but full of potential. Above them hung a crystal chandelier, but all Kate could see was the table. Wide and thick, with sturdy legs that looked like they could stand a lot of pressure. With a wet, open mouth, she leaned over and told her boyfriend just that. All about what she imagined would happen if no one else were in the room and he were having her for dinner, spread across the table, open and hungry for just him. How loud she always screams when he uses just his fingers. Those thick, rough fingers that spent so many hours writing out his fantasies of her while she pretended not to want him so badly it hurt. God how she loved those fingers.
Rick hadn’t taken his eyes off the table in ten minutes but other parts of his anatomy had grown tighter, shaking with the effort not to play out her scenario. His fists were clenched so tightly they were white. Somewhere in their haze of lust, the realtor motioned for the group to follow them up the stairs to the bedroom. The couple groaned.
He bided his time, waiting until the room was cleared and she swiped her hand over his ass as she passed between him and the table. Then he struck. Kate gasped as her lower back met the top of the table and she was trapped underneath a very angry, turned on Rick. “You little minx.” He growled, pressing his hips sharply against hers.
She hissed, her hands moving off the table behind her to creep up his thigh. “I’m only a minx if I don’t plan to follow through.” She squeezed him through his pants, and he jumped, pushing her flesh further into the table. She was going to have a bruise there if he pushed any harder. If only she could get his pants off. With a practiced flick of her thumb she released the button and tugged the zipper torturously slow down to its rightful place. His hands fell from her arms down to hem of her shirt, his patience not nearly as strong as hers.
Her shirt was untucked and the bottom three buttons were undone in the same amount of time. It was so easy to slip a hand across her stomach, her muscles rippling and aching for him, his mouth fusing to hers as his fingertips reached her breast. He groaned when he was met with bare skin; burning and pliable, so easy to squeeze and pinch and tug until her knee melted between his and she was unconsciously rubbing him while she dipped a hand beneath the waistband of his underwear. Her tongue scrapped the roof of his mouth and he dipped her lower, breathing in her hot, wet moans. She was rubbing faster, tugging faster, rocking against him in a sporadic rhythm. Just a moment more and he’d be free.
“Are you coming?” From the corner, flight attendant Barbie couldn’t see where their hands were but she certainly made a point of interrupting them at the most convenient of times.
Kate collapsed until Rick’s shoulder, responding with a weak but audible “uh huh” which satisfied the she-devil enough that she left them in peace.
“So close.” He sent a shiver down her spine, liquid fire down her burning body. Again, all she could muster was a shaky “uh huh” before she pulled away, her eyes still glazed over and black with lust. “Let’s go before she comes back.” He didn’t back away – he barely had the will to speak – but brushed her hand as he reached for his zipper to make himself at least presentable.
He looked up when she snatched his hands away and squeezed them tightly. “Leave it.”
“I said” she nipped at his bottom lip, tugging his dress shirt down “leave it.” She was across the room before his senses returned and he held his dress shirt over his open zipper and now rather obvious erection. The things he did for her.
“Now if you’ll follow me up the stairs to the bedrooms we’ll continue our tour.” They’d missed the lecture on hallways? Bummer. Oh well; there wasn’t much to see anyways. It was long and narrow, tight enough for one person to pass while the other pressed them into the flower-y wallpaper knocking a cute picture of a dog off balance.
“Mister Castle,” her voice was off-putting-ly professional. Made him jump back to his boarding school days with pencil skirts and tight white blouses. So hot. “are you aware that your zipper is undone?”
“Yeah but”
He sucked in his last breath. “Let me get that for you.” Her kiss was hard, all teeth and tongue, no space between them except her hand reaching through his open pants to finally, finally grasp him. The jolt of arousal brought him back to his senses…well mostly.
He pushed her away, holding her hands as she’d done to him just moments ago. “Too messy.” He explained when she pursed her lips. “You however.” How did she find her back to the opposite wall so quickly, all she knew was that his body was hot, melting her skin and fusing it in place. “You, Kate Beckett, are going to tell everyone just how wet you are.”
Her jaw hinged open. He’d never been one for public play. And never so dominating. That voice; rough, layered with darkness and unbridled awareness that she was going to obey his every command. “You want me to”
She gasped when he pressed her further into the wall, his hand finding the seam of her pants that rubbed her right there. She rolled her hips, grinding against his hand, her eyes locked with his cocky black oceans. “Everywhere you go they’re going to see it. So wet.” He thrust his hips against hers, bringing his teeth down on her earlobe, his hand finding refuge through the seam of her underwear. “So fucking wet though your pants so everywhere you go everyone knows just how wet Kate Beckett is knowing that at any moment” he rubbed faster and faster, holding her up with a knee between her parted legs while she trembled “anyone could come through this hallway and see you fall apart in my hands.”
It was so hard to glare at him with stars in her eyes, her hands up her shirt and massaging the aching nipples that he refused to acknowledge. She didn’t even have to work for the orgasm that shook her body, opening her mouth seeking the first thing she could sink her teeth into. He hissed when she huffed into his shoulder, no doubt leaving a bruise and a wet mark while she couldn’t supressed the moans and groans that flew from her mouth.
“Mrs. Marlowe, are you feeling well?” Kate bit deeper into her boyfriend’s shirt expressing the expletives that she wanted to tumble from her mouth. How she loathed this woman.
“Yes,” Rick no doubt had that plastered on smirk; how charmed the devil-woman must feel. “I’m afraid she’s not feeling well.” Yeah right. “I think I’ll just take her home and put her to bed.” She definitely just chocked on her own saliva. Was his hand still moving? In her pants; while the realtor was watching? She shuddered.
“Oh alright.” Yeah, I’ll bet you’re disappointed you little that was definitely his finger on her clit. That man was going to pay so dearly when they got home. As soon as they got him in fact. He wouldn’t even have time to take his shoes off before she would torture him to the point of pleasure. They needed to get out of here first. Yes.
“well,” her head popped up from his shoulder, startling her boyfriend, who’s hand wisely jumped out of her pants “I think that’s our cue to leave. Thank you for showing us the house. It’s very lovely.” She didn’t look back as she grabbed Rick’s other hand and dragged him toward the front door. “I especially liked the library.” She called only to find him right behind her, to whisper in her ear.
“And the kitchen.”
“And the dining room.”
“And the study.”
She stopped on the front steps “we never made it to the study.”
She wanted to smack that ridiculously smug look off his face. Or was it kiss? “Oh I thought we were just naming all the rooms I was going to make you scream in.”
Her glare was dampened by the trail of lust she left in her wake “oh trust me Rick, I’m not the one who’ll be screaming tonight.” She latched on to his neck and licked the salted skin with a long lick, visible to anyone on the street. “I could get arrested for what you just made me do.”
“Wha-what about what you’re doing now?”
The little minx was down the stairs and already heading for the car as she tossed over her shoulder “and what am I doing?”
He had so many answers for her but they were swallowed up in the possibility that the cleaning lady might still be in the apartment and she needed to be out of there. Now.

There were some very dirty things he needed to do to Kate Beckett as soon as they got home. She wouldn’t even have time to get her shoes off.

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