Friday 24 May 2013

Minor Characters are People Too! (JuNoWriMo #9)

Minor Characters Are Important.

Really that's all that should be said on the matter but we'll keep going. Like everything in your book, Minor characters can serve many purposes in terms of creating mood, establishing setting, introducing main characters and on and on. But the most important thing to remember about main characters is that they have a purpose for being in every scene. Every person who steps foot on your stage has a reason for being there. Whether they are another customer at the restaurant your MC works at or they are a person walking in front of their car because they were so focused on the fight they're having over the phone. Create a backstory and a purpose for every character. Know your players.

So earlier I talked about How To Create Characters Out of Thin Air and now here's a short outline for your minor characters.

Brief Physical Description:
Brief History:
Relationship to Main Character(s):
Purpose in Scene:
What do they reveal about the main character?:

And as a bonus, here are more questions for your main characters provided by Lisa Anderson

1. What Shakespearean character is your protagonist most like?
2. What is your protagonist’s greatest weakness?
a. How might this weakness lead to disaster for your protagonist?
3. What physical attribute is your protagonist most proud of possessing?
4. What one thing about his/her body would your protagonist change if given the opportunity?
a. How can this one thing be changed into an invaluable asset for your protagonist?
5. What is your protagonist obsessed with?
6. What does your protagonist want most?
a. What is your protagonist willing to do to get what he/she wants most?
7. What specific memory haunts your protagonist and is the one memory he/she most wants to forget?
8. What was the last foreign country (or state, or city) your protagonist visited?
a. Why did he/she go to this country?
b. What prized possession did he/she leave behind?
c. Was it left on accident or on purpose?
9. Who was the last person to say “I love you” to your protagonist?
a. How long ago was that?
b. How did it make your protagonist feel?
10. What defines your protagonist?
11. Name one person who has betrayed your protagonist
a. Describe that betrayal.
b. Has your protagonist forgiven this person?
c. Has your protagonist forgotten this betrayal?
12. Describe the space in which your protagonist sleeps each night.
a. What object in this space is most important to your protagonist?
b. What would happen if that object was destroyed?
13. Think of the person that your protagonist loves most.
a. How has your protagonist hurt this person in a way that is unforgivable.
b. Can this person forgive your protagonist?
c. How would being forgiven change everything for your protagonist?
14. What word has the most meaning for your protagonist?
15. What does your protagonist hold onto?
a. What would happen if he/she let go?
16. It’s said everyone has a safe place. Where is your protagonist’s safe place?
a. What would happen if he/she could never go there again?
17. What inner turmoil rages within your character?
a. How has this inner turmoil negatively impacted your protagonist’s life?
18. What one action is your protagonist most ashamed of?
a. What has this one action cost him/her?
19. Where is “home” for your protagonist?
a. When was the last time he/she was there?
20. How do you want to see your character change by the end of your story?

We're in the finale stages of the JuNoWriMo count down. Are you ready? 

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