Wednesday 29 May 2013

Tech Week for Novels Day Five (JuNoWriMo #14)

See this is what happens when I don't plan things out. I get confused or I get to the end and realize I've made a mistake. For instance: Now.

Remember when I said there were 16 lessons? Well I'm only counting 15 and these last two aren't even lessons.

I have no more to teach you on this matter right now. More will come of course and I'll certainly talk incessantly throughout JuNoWriMo but the month of preplanning is over.

Your Assignment for the next two days is to Outline your novel in the best way you see fit. It could be just bullet points or cue cards or a giant layout that is twice as long as your novel and sits on your desk 24/7. I don't know what method you'll choose but make it one that suits you and no one else. This is your novel. This is the story that you are telling and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Your story is unique because it has never written by you before and whatever pace you write at, whatever method you use, nothing is wrong in terms of what story you tell. So write, my darlings, and remember. Remember that you are writing and that makes you a writer.

So now that the inspirational speeches are over, I'll leave you off. But first, tell me the synopsis of your novel in the comments below. Then join the forums on JuNoWriMo, and add me as a friend. And let me also know if there are any other lessons you want to learn before or during the writing process.


My synopsis: Jen has been deciding how people die for hundreds of years and Cassandra has been killing them for almost a decade. When their paths cross and their lives are swapped, they gain a new perspective on death and what it is to take a life.

I'm going for really dark humor on this one. Right now it's called "Morbid Curiosity". The planning of this story is not so much done as...barely started but I have the next few days off so we'll see what gets done. Let me know in the comments below what your novel is about.

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