Thursday 31 January 2013

Writers for Writer: A Guest Post by C.M. Brown

I got to sit down today with the awesome Carolyn Brown, co-founder of Writers for Writers to talk about the program as well as the first two books in her Protector Series: He Came For Me and He Came For Mine.

A long-time lover of Fantasy Novels I have decided to put pen to paper and create my own. Many years spent helping high school students write their assignments from years 8 to 12, has given me the experience to forge ahead with this dream! I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and have shared some of the wonders of this area with you in this book. I am married with two teenage children, one studying at University the other in the senior years of High School. I enjoy reading and writing and spending time relaxing on the beautiful beaches I live near, walking my dog and swimming. 
You can contact Carolyn here:
Hi Vicki and a big hello to your readers, thank you for having me here today as part of my blog tour for Book Two in The Protector Series, ‘He Came For Mine’.
For this spot I will be shedding a little light on a marketing program three other indie authors (Stephen Tremp, M. Pax, Christine Rains and myself have only recently set up called W4W’s, (Writer’s for Writer’s).
We have been in contact with one another over the last few months and have decided W4W’s will restart for 2013 on the third Monday in February and will continue to be held the third Monday each month in the future.
We already have 80 participants signed up to be involved in this marketing endeavour and hope to have many more.  In November last year W4W’s promoted our first author, Nancy S. Thompson and her newly released book ‘The Mistaken’, which was a great success.
You may be asking yourself, ‘How does W4W’s work?’ 
Well, it is very simple, either one or two authors will be chosen from the list of participants each month, starting from the first registered author, on the linky list.  The author or author’s chosen to be marketed each month are asked to post about their book with all the links as per the usual way of publicizing, the difference is the author being hosted is also asked to create several tweets and include them in their W4W’s post.
Blogger’s who have signed up via the linky list are asked to choose a few of the tweets and re-tweet them to their followers.
Just think of how many people this makes contact with?
The potential is just enormous and Stephen, Mary, Christine and I, are the first to promote this incredible resource this way.
As I said above, we are in discussion at present, fine tuning the variables to make the choosing of the potential author’s to be hosted fair and when and how many authors will be promoted each month.
If you are interested to join, you can add your name to the linky list here!
W4W’s also has a Facebook page.  You can show your interest by hitting the ‘like’ button on the bottom of our linky list.
If you like, you can practice re-tweeting these tweets promoting ‘He Came For Mine.’
He Came For Mine, Jazz and Seb's story continues #paranormal #ebook #review
 He Came For Mine, will Seb win Jazz's love back? #download #Amazon #Kindle
 Vampires, Love, Heartache, Revenge and Loss  - He Came For Mine, #ebook #Please RT!

Thanks Vicki for this time to talk to your readers about Writer’s for Writers. It has been greatly appreciated.

He Came For Me, Book One in The Protector Series
Jazz, lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia. She leads a normal teenage life busy with friends, TAFE College, a part time job as a waitress, surfing and searching for a boyfriend! Until one day driving on her way to TAFE she is passed by a red Mazda Rx7. The driver holds her attention and as they both wait at a set of traffic lights to change to green, a sexual tension passes between them. In the days that follow she finds that this guy moves into her life as she befriends him, his friends and family! But are Seb and his friends what they seem to be? A fantasy novel revolving around a love story between two young people, who should not by rights, come together. Crossing the dimensions of two worlds, this story embarks on a journey of love, duty and togetherness as the two young lovers fight to be together and keep each other safe. Overcoming many obstacles while fighting to protect one another this story will leave the reader intrigued and wondering what will happen next! 

Fending for herself for almost two years,
Jazz worries she will never see Sebastian again.
A new man enters her life, but he holds a secret.
Will Jazz trust him?
Sebastian discovers an ancient ritual which must be performed
on the Chosen One's son before his first birthday, or he will die.
He returns to Earth to find Jazz in the arms of another man.
A man he knows very well.
A man he does not trust....


  1. Thanks again for hosting me, Vicki.

  2. Writers4Writers was a great idea - and Nancy the perfect author to kick it off. Happy to be a part of it. (And it will be cool to have that kind of support this October!!)

  3. Great explanation. I love seeing the support we've gotten for it. :)

  4. I love the concept of W4Ws. I think it's great!

  5. I think W4Ws is an awesome idea. Congrats to your success so far. I'm going to double check the linky list to make sure I'm on it. :)