Monday 28 January 2013

Undercover Lovers #3: Naughty Cop

Before we get started I have big news. A friend of mine (the darling Kai Kiriyama) was accepted for publication by a Canadian publishing house. I am so excited to read her Blaze Tuesday novel (as should you all) and the second I have more information I'll let you know.

And I guess that put me in a nostalgic mood because I pulled out an old half-developed manuscript dated back to 2007! I want to type it out (it's in an old notebook) so it's at least on my hard drive if I ever want to come back to it. Won't be anytime soon but it's good to keep my options open.

As there's no Castle on tonight (sad face) I'm putting together a post for Friday that talks about Castle. I'm excited to be doing more writing and I'm slowly getting organized enough to not stress about it.

So Kai, I'm so proud of you! You totally earned publication.

That also means I've got to catch up on this writing business thing so watch out.

Before the door could open Kate’s groan could be heard into the back corners of the loft. Rick backed into the door, pulling her with his free hand while his left was occupied with a thin, black bag. She winced “why do I have to do this?”
“Because, my dear Detective,” he spun her into the loft, a mischievous look in his eyes even as she rolled her eyes and pulled away from his grip “we made a bet. A bet that you could keep your hands to yourself at work for an entire week.”
“You make it sound like I’m a horny teenager” she mumbled, looking into the bag.
“You are a horny teenager.” He reminded, smiling at her disgusted expression “that’s why you lost the bet.”
She snapped the bag against her chest “I don’t remember hearing you complaining.”
“Oh I’m not complaining. But Ryan’s on his way to therapy. I don’t think that’s what he was expecting when he went to the supply closet.” She caught herself before her blush could get worse. “Now get going.” She stumbled towards the master bathroom when he slapped her ass.
“No buts.” He warned “now, my mother is gone, Alexis is gone and they have both assured me that they won’t be stopping by until tonight. So, we have the loft to ourselves for at least four hours and I intend to use every minute of it. Starting with you in that outfit, honoring our bet.” He was this close to biting her tongue when she stuck it out at him as she closed the door in his face.
He had been sitting on his hands for ten minutes. He kept calling to her, asking how she was doing, but her only reply was ‘fine, now shut up and let me get ready’. He was just excited. They’d made the bet on a whim but getting to pick out her punishment and buying that outfit had been the highlight of his weekend. Well, next to this obviously. I mean his girlfriend was about to…hold on. His conscience was kicking into overdrive.
He shouldn’t make her do this if she doesn’t want to. But if she wasn’t comfortable, she would have said something. Kate Beckett is not a ‘yes’ girl. But really, it should be her decision not some stupid bet. Just last month when she got drunk during movie night she said she wanted to do something like this – she thought it was sexy and adventurous – really this was their shared fantasy.
He stood from the couch where he’d been practically shaking with anticipation and uncertainty. “Kate.” He stopped in the middle of the living room when the bathroom door opened and all the blood left his brain.
“Sit down, Mister Castle, this won’t take long.” He didn’t move. His open mouth and stunned but hungry gaze admired her black pumps, her mile long legs, smooth at a glance; the navy shorts held her thighs snuggly and the way her matching half-uniform hugged her was something to be envied. As much as he loved her hair down and flowing, tied loosely in a bun underneath a policeman's hat was definitely on his list of favourite looks. It made her look younger - which he'd never tell her because she constantly sought to be older than she was. He would be telling her how sexy and beautiful she looked, though; every second of every minute for the rest of their lives.
“Mister Castle!” Her sharp voice startles him back to the present. “I asked you to sit down.” Not one to disobey her – ever – he backed up slowly, barely conscious of when his knees touched the couch. Her eyes flicked for a moment when he sat down and he saw the familiar look she got – one of his favourites – when she was rethinking her plan of attack. She got it a lot when she was in an investigation and although he’d assured her that he was the only one to notice since it had become his job to notice, she was still hyper-aware of her twitches and ticks when she was speaking with a killer.
“On second thought,” she seamlessly slipped back into her role “I’m going to need you to stand while I search you for any illegal weapons.” He bit back the remark. He was actually quite impressed with his restraint when it came to his girlfriend in this outfit.
Rick stood, not daring to hesitate, and was immediately met with the warm, slender grip of his girlfriend. She grasped his biceps, massaging out each muscle, traveling down to his chest and feeling out the toned flesh there. He’d definitely bulked up from the thinned-out playboy writer she’d met all those years ago but he was still pliable; for her at least. Her fingers travelled around to his backside, squeezing them for good measuring and making him jump. Though her hands travelled a little further down, she always came back to his ass, sweeping around to his front.
Her eyes never left his.
She squeezed his erection through his dress pants and unconsciously licked her lips – or it could have been a conscious decision to make him even more aroused, he wasn’t sure at this point. “Are you carrying a concealed weapon Mr. Castle?” He would have rolled his eyes at the line – and so would she for that matter – if they both weren’t so wrapped up in the fact that she is stroking him roughly, palming and kneading his flesh until he gripped the arm of the couch for support.
She pulled him out of his pants, her eyes drawn to the view before her. “You do realize that carrying a concealed weapon is a criminal offense?”
“I think everyone would feel safer if I kept it in my pants.” The moment of silence made him want to slap his forehead. The odd look and the slow head shake from his girlfriend on her knees in front of him was enough to shut him up.
“I am going to have to arrest you Mr. Castle.” She was on her feet and heading towards the bedroom before he could blink which wasn’t fast enough for her because she was back, rolling her eyes and grabbing him at the base. Jumping at her light squeeze, he followed behind her just as he’d always done with the added bonus of getting to tilt his head and watch her shake her hips as she made her way to the bedroom.
He stopped short when she did, turning on her heels to lean in and bite his earlobe. “This will go a lot easier if you don’t resist.” They were both convinced that she could recite the ingredients for a bar of soap and he’d still be turned on so long as she used that voice; low and slow, vibrating through her entire body. It really was a wonder how his control was so strong when it came to her – especially when she bent down to remove his pants and placed a gentle kiss to his head before turning away from him like he wasn't half naked with his pants around his ankles. He followed nonetheless as she sauntered ahead and swallowed when she bent at the waist to pull out something from her drawer.
A pair of handcuffs with rubber inseams to keep his wrists safe; he swallowed again. She rose up, balancing them on one finger as she leaned into her hip and smirked "coming, Mr. Castle?"

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