Monday 14 January 2013

Undercover Lovers #1: Comic-Con

This is the first story in my new weekly series known as "Undercover Lovers". It follows a couple (Rick Castle and Kate Beckett) as they find themselves in various undercover situations whether it's for work, when they're out with friends or when they're in the comfort of their own home. Originally these were just fan fics for the TV Series 'Castle' but I think maybe I'll use this as a tool to work on my character development and story skills. So that means I would love any feedback you have for me.

And speaking of feedback I am slowly working on a collaborative project that will definitely need your assistance so be on the look out for that in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, Kate and Rick find themselves in the middle of New York Comic-Con on the hunt of a suspect. Check it out:

“Alright thanks.” She tucked her phone into her top and continued her careful perusal of the area around them. The floor was crowded and frankly smelt a little too much of pizza and sweat but the guard at the door had mentioned something about being over capacity and only letting them in on official police business as a favor. She was inclined to believe him; there was barely room to walk let alone enjoy the festivities at the convention.
“How can people enjoy these things?” She’d meant it to be a quiet utterance but three separate groups of people glared at her before looking her up and down approvingly and apparently deciding to forgive her. She rolled her eyes. “And how can they do it wearing these costumes?” Resisting the urge to reposition her breasts so they were no longer falling out was proving difficult as yet another pudgy-faced kid whistled at her from behind.
Beside her, her boyfriend scoffed, hooking his arm in hers as they maneuvered the crowds like he was proud of his slutty girlfriend. “This coming from the woman who went as Slave Leia – willingly – to last year’s convention.”
“Only because you insisted on going as Han Solo even if you were going alone.”
“As I recall, you practically dragged me to the ticket sales office the moment the passes became available.” Her grip on his arm tightened and she pretended to pout.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She sniffed, straightening her shoulders – which was a big mistake for her tumbling cleavage. “Besides, last year was for fun. This is for a murder investigation. I don’t understand why we had to dress up.”
“Because – and I quote – “it will help us blend in and get the other patrons to cooperate if we look like one of them.” You do realize that you sounded really old when you said that, right?”
“You are never too old for comic-con. Now stay focused.” She instructed “Esposito told me that Aaron’s neighbours saw him leaving in a Luxan costume with his glasses over his mask because he couldn’t get his contacts to work or something.”
He wrinkled his nose “what’s a Luxan?” They chose not to acknowledge the two sets of gasps coming from behind them. They really needed to lower their voices.
“I don’t know, some Klingon type character from a sci fi show.” She waved him off, taking a quick probe of the floor from their new location across the room. “Espo sent me a pic of what it’s supposed to look like.” She dug into her top and produced the phone, bringing up the shot. Her boyfriend peaked over at the photo, taking a quick swipe at her cleavage before memorizing the photo before him. “Look down my top one more time and I’m burning this outfit.” She announced, replacing the phone as she continued her scan of the crowd.
“Noted.” He muttered, his eyes following her path. “I still think that outfit is very sexy.”
She pursed her lips “well I don’t. It’s too…revealing.”
“You did see what you looked like in that costume last year right?”
“No I know what I looked like last year.” She turned on him, her voice low but incredibly dangerous. “Last year was for fun, it was for us, this is for work. I don’t like looking like this when I’m working. I’m a cop and I’m…uncomfortable looking like this, okay?”
He didn’t hesitate to offer her a gentle smile, twisting his shoulder so she was partially covered from the view of others. “Okay.” His eyes suddenly darted over her shoulder and he whispered her name so she’d follow his line of sight. “Suspect staring right at us.”
The moment the suspect broke out into a run, she was chasing after him – again, not a wise decision for her exposed cleavage. The material kept her snuggly inside but she could not help the bounce which caught the attention of many patrons.
Especially when she called out "NYPD stop where you are" and her boyfriend followed behind her at a jog. The suspect of course continued his retreat but at least the rest of the crowd parted for the hot, leggy brunette wearing what could barely be considered clothes.
It made things easier when she finally caught up with Jacob Aaron and she tackled him against the fattest, furry cosplayer she'd ever seen - maybe he was some kind of a Pok√©mon, she wasn't entirely sure. Regardless, she was grateful for the cushion and it provided ample padding when she pressed her elbows into her suspect’s back, holding him in place against the plush. “Jacob Aaron, you are under arrest for the murder of Victor Aaron.” She handcuffed her suspect as her boyfriend came jogging up behind her, nearly chocking at the sight that met him and the rest of the crowd that had gathered.
Clearing his throat he removed his leather jacket, leaving him in a black wife beater, and placed it around her shoulders even as she rose to her feet. “Where were you hiding those cuffs?” He mumbled.
She tossed him a breathless smile over her shoulders “trust me, you don’t want to know.” She bit her lip “am I…?”
He scrunched his face “just in the back.”
She cringed, using her suspect as a tool to push through the crowd as her boyfriend stood behind for extra cover. “I hate this outfit.”
“I’m sure no one else even noticed.” He pulled the jacket tighter around her and she tried not to roll her eyes.
“Dude, I totally got a pic of Amazon Chick’s ass.”
“Nice.” She groaned as the two boys high fived each other and went on their merry way, no doubt publishing the photo on every inch of social media at their fingertips.
“If the Captain ever sees that photo I’m going to be suspended indefinitely.”
“Well,” he agreed “at least you’ll probably be making the police calendar next year. Miss July.”
He jumped at the glare she shot him “Stop.”
“I’m just saying”
“Right.” He pursed his lips.
She shook her head. “Never again.”

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