Wednesday 16 June 2021

Your Midweek Update for 06/16/21

Note to self: Murder Den’s need to be aired out more than once per month. The smell. I am used to horrible smells. I have been a serial killer for longer than I haven’t – and I was also the mother to a teenage boy. When I tell you this smell will haunt my dreams, I need you to believe me. Dried and congealed blood was in every corner of the room, bits of flesh that hadn’t been properly washed away, vomit and feces and air coolant from the unit’s leaking vent all in a metal container when the weather has been unusually hot. I think it seeped into my skin. I can still smell it. We are a family of strong stomachs but this room got all three of us.

Oh yeah, my plan to get Casey out of the house went over incredibly well. Apart from introducing her to the less-glamorous side of murder, it was actually a success. The three of us spent the entire weekend power-washing the storage unit. We got the industrial-strength bleach that we only bring out on holidays and special occasions and we cleansed that monstrosity.

For good measure, James went and killed a deer so we could excuse why we were cleaning the storage unit of so much red liquid.

And the smell.

(It was my idea but no, I don’t have to like it and yes, I understand that it’s weird to feel guilty for killing a deer but not about killing a human. We all have our standards and this is mine)

It took us the entirety of Saturday and Sunday, and most of Friday and some of Monday to get the place back in working order. At the end of it, my dumb ass had a horrible sunburn of which I couldn’t even begin to describe the pattern. So now, I have a nice, tender reminder that just because my adopted daughter has been kidnapped by her psychotic birth mother, does not mean I can let my daily duties be neglected.

Believe me: between the burn and the smell – which I swear is in my hair – I will not be forgetting this any time soon. This was not what I intended for our family bonding weekend, but it worked nonetheless. I think I got a whole smile out of Casey at one point. She was still quiet and not entirely herself, but she’s in there. I saw her. For now, I have hope. And that’s enough.

Now if you will excuse, I’m off for my third shower of the day. It’s everywhere.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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