Wednesday 2 June 2021

Your Midweek Update for 06/02/21

All right. I’ve had some sleep and my mind is marginally clearer, so I will attempt to describe the events I alluded to last week.

First of all, everyone is uninjured and Casey is home. She has been quiet and, I’ll say, ever since she came home. She goes to school, she comes home, she makes herself dinner (or grabs a plate of whatever I’ve made) and she spends the rest of the night in her room. I don’t blame her for needing time and a safe space but I feel like I can’t help her unless I actually know what’s going on in her head. I also don’t want to push her to talk about what happened so you can see the bind I’m in.

James says to let her come to us and I’ve decided to listen to my husband – just this once. When she’s ready, we’ll be ready to help her. Until then, let’s talk about what I found when we finally rescued her.

So, like I said last week, Casey’s mother did not make it. I spent so much time worried that this encounter would end with one of them dead and I was right. But Casey didn’t kill her. In fact, I’m not entirely sure she understands that her mother is dead.

With me, my sister, and my husband, we spent about a week surveilling the house. The woman’s movements were erratic and she clearly didn’t have a job that took her out of the house. In fact, she never left for more than a few minutes when she went to get the mail or pick up her groceries from the curb. But, it was during one of those excursions that we struck. It was a Sunday morning so we figured a lot of people would be asleep or, at least, inside. There had been zero activity on the block for the past hour or so. It was a risk, but our entire lives are a risk, so we took it.

The moment her back was turned, I snuck in through her unlocked door and headed straight for Casey’s room. James and my sister followed the woman up the driveway and forced her inside, locking all of us in. I know she put up a fight because James came back with nasty scratch on his cheek. I remember hearing tables clattering and class smashing, but all I was focused on was freeing my daughter.

She was right where I remember her, the same scared look on her face but instead of anger, I saw… sadness. Freeing her was the easy part, carrying her up the stairs wasn’t fun but I managed it well enough. I took her out the backdoor while my partners in crime subdued my daughter’s captor and took the surveillance equipment. I remember turning to look at their progress and saw the woman lying on the floor with blood staining her eyes and ears. She lay prone (a word which I only recently learned relates to something regrettable and not just something likely to happen) with her limbs twisted around her body. And she was staring at me – or her corpse was faced in my direction. I will never forget the red in her eyes and the way they seemed to follow me as I moved around the room.

James says it was my sister who killed her, but honestly, I don’t care who did the deed, only that it was done. What I do care about is the fact that a neighbour stepped outside with their morning coffee just as my sister was cleaning up one of the cameras. According to the news at the motel, they went to check on the woman and found her body, giving the police the description of the supposed intruder. At the time, they thought it was a robbery gone horribly wrong, but soon enough, they’ll discover what’s in the basement and start asking questions.

For the time being, my sister has gone back into hiding – not that anyone is likely to recognize her. I told you: my sister loves the shadows. She’ll be all right. The rest of us packed up and headed home, stopping frequently to makes sure Casey was staying hydrated and fed, wrapping her wrists with gas station medical supplies. She didn’t talk the whole way back and since then, she’s barely said a word.

I understand that… I don’t understand what she went through. But she’s my little girl and she’s hurting, and I just feel so helpless right now. I hope that things can improve with time.

I had to make a phone call to the local department to tell them they were right, Casey had just run off with her boyfriend but she was safe at home and there was no need to come around to check on her – I worded it less suspiciously, I promise. It appears this incident is finally going to be behind us.

More than that, we can actually move forward. No more woman stalking me, no more kidnappings or threats, no more surprise family members.

I realized I just jinxed myself but I really hope I haven’t. I want one week of peace and quiet. If not for my sake, then for Casey’s. The poor girl has been through so much in her life. Can’t we get a break?

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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