Wednesday 26 June 2019

Your Mid-Week Update for 06/26/19

I'm back in the city. We briefly drove past the house and there was a police notice on the door that had clearly been opened. Beyond that, there were no other signs of life on the block.

I called my sister from a prepaid cell phone and she updated me on everything that had been happening since we last spoke. Jason had another hearing after paying bail but he never arrived. In fact, she hasn't heard from him in weeks. The police have a warrant out for his arrest and James and I have been added to the list. They think Jason killed the politician and we helped cover it up.

Curiously, there was no mention of the house or any evidence they may have found there. Though I've spent years covering my tracks, it's a lot harder to hide your true self at home. If they searched the house - which they clearly did - then they found something. But they only want us for one murder. It doesn't make sense.

I don't want to be arrested for the 500+ people I've killed but I certainly would like an explanation as to why they don't want to arrest me. I was so sure this was the end but it just...isn't.

But we're back now and with or without Jason, I still plan on framing Charlotte so this can all be over. She's going to die tonight.

I'm going to pour bleach down her throat - just enough to make her sick but not kill her. I'm going to peel up her fingernails but not remove them and then I'm going to sprinkle salt and vinegar over them. I'm going to slice her Achilles tendon, gather the blood in a cup and make her drink it. I'm going to lay her in a tub, pour in gasoline and light a match.I'm going to make her suffer for what she did.

Except I can't. Because I still need her to clear my family's name and in order to do that, it has to look like a suicide. Maybe she drinks a little too much bleach and I simply fantasize about hearing her scream and beg for her life. I hope it will be enough. Knowing that her death will bring my family back together will have to be enough.

I wish I knew were Jason was. I wish I knew if he was safe. I wish he knew he wasn't alone. I wish this would be all over soon.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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