Wednesday 12 June 2019

Your Mid-Week Update for 06/12/19

We’ve turned around and headed back towards Jason. I still don’t know exactly how we’re going to fix this mess but at least we’ll be together. I’ve only kept up with what’s on the news and know they’re holding back – a rarity for local media and who knows about its accuracy. I need to be there. I haven’t spoken to my sister in weeks. I have no idea what’s happened in my absence. And I’m beginning to hate my socks.

We didn’t exactly have enough time to grab a full wardrobe when we were fleeing for our lives and we hardly have enough cash to rent the motels. We haven’t even paid for every stay.

A few words of wisdom, I’ve learned on this journey: You really should wait to hear the door close before walking away. It is so easy to convince maids and night attendants of poor service. It’s not their fault. They’re just doing their job. And between the serial killer and the serial killer’s husband, we are rather adept at lying about the tiniest of things.

So far, there hasn’t been a murder anywhere near our stops (that wasn’t committed by me) so we may be in the clear for now. Perhaps it was just a random killer passing through but I don’t believe so. There was something about the way that first woman screamed. Terrified of what she was seeing; no hope for survival at all. A sound like that took me years to produce. It’s enough to haunt even my dreams. If I had any.

I barely sleep these days and when I do, I dream of Jason. Of justice. Of slitting Charlotte’s throat slowly. Stitching up her wounds and slicing again, all the way around. I dream of her head sliding off her body as I sever the last connection to her miserable life.

What happened to her? When I murdered her husband and helped her escape to her sister’s she was fine. Grateful and well adjusted. Clinging to life as she struggles to escape her binds in the bathtub I’ve tossed her in once again. Bathtubs do make excellent prisons. Slippery and confining – only one way out and I guard the door. But as much as I dream of her obliteration, I know what punishment is coming to Charlotte:

She has to take the fall for my crimes. For the crimes Jason is accused of. James agrees. Casey doesn’t really speak anymore but I know she’d agree if it meant her freedom as well. Once we’re back in the city, we’ll make a plan to shift the blame to Charlotte. She’ll mysteriously turn up dead and it will all go away.


All I can do is hope, dear readers. For all I know, I could be caught tomorrow. Or Jason could go to trial without any support. Or a million other things could change. But I have hope that will all work out in the end. Otherwise, what is the point of continuing?

So I hope.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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