Wednesday 30 March 2016

Your Mid-Week Update for 03/30/16

Well, I’m officially going on vacation.

This time next month I will be on a beach in Miami, spending nine, glorious days with no interruptions. No family – for better or worse – no work, no worries. I’m really looking forward to it. I went into Rick’s office on Friday to see if I could take a long weekend this month and he sort of went off on me. He confessed on Monday that he had been having a rough day and there was no excuse to yell at me but it happened and he can’t take it back. It actually worked out really well for me. I went in asking for one extra day and I got six.

In hind sight, I probably shouldn’t have argued with my boss like that but he was acting like a dick. He accused me of not pulling my weight in the company. He had the audacity to tell me I wasn’t doing my job when all he does is jerk off behind his desk and expense non-company products.
That’s a lie. I’m just mad. Rick’s a pretty good guy but throwing false accusations around me is dangerous and he should know better.

To make a long story short, an argument about one day off ended with Rick shouting: “fuck it, take the whole week” as I slammed the door behind me. Of course, I took that as permission and immediately filed the paperwork to take one of my four weeks paid vacation.

The approval went through on Monday and Rick also apologized, sending me away with his blessing. I was able to book my flight that day and I’m now looking at resorts along the beach because I don’t plan on walking more than a block the entire time I’m down there.

It’s gonna be great.

What’s not great is the idea or leaving Jason and James alone for over a week. I love my boys but I don’t know if they’re ready to fend for themselves. Those two have always had a very odd relationship. Jason knows that James has no real connection to him and yet cares for him, and James knows that Jason is apprehensive of his Aunt’s husband. He’s always been “James”, never “dad” or “uncle”. Sandra was the same way. Which is why I try not to leave them alone for too long but this will be the real test. Can they survive without damaging their relationship? Oh man, that would be so entertaining to watch.

But I’ve got a month to prepare them for this. I think they can handle it.

Especially now that Jason will be out most afternoons at his new job. He sent out dozens of resumes a couple of weeks ago and he finally heard back from a fast food chain, looking to hire an afternoon cashier. It pays minimum wage and he already hates the uniform that he’ll have to wear but I’m really proud of him. He’s being responsible, making his own way. It’s really great. I hope he sticks with it.

We’ll see.

That seems to be the theme this week.

We’ll see.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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