Wednesday 2 March 2016

Your Mid-Week Update for 03/02/16

This past week was dedicated to research. I’ve killed a lot of people in my time, and I’ve generally enjoyed my experiences, but this week was about experimentation. Clinical study.

For example: did you know that about half a bottle of nail polish remover ingested at once is enough to put someone into a coma? I thought about doing that to Charlotte. Just poisoning her and leaving her for a few days before her body’s discovered, then letting her live her life as a vegetable. Even if she did wake up, it’s doubtful she’d go right back to hunting for her husband’s killer. I’d be in the clear. But I couldn’t do that to Charlotte. I don’t want her to suffer.

Another option is always stabbing. But where and with what weapon? The fastest way to kill someone from a knife wound – or any sharp object – is by slicing the aorta and pumping the blood to help shock and blood pressure win out over consciousness and the will to live. But I still can’t do that to Charlotte. It’s so messy. And her heart’s been through enough, I think. Whatever it is, that girl’s gotten under my skin.

Electrocutions, falls, drowning, they all take too long and will hurt her too much. I’ve got to find a way to get to her quick and easy without seriously hurting her. While still killing her.

My feelings are complicated.

I know that I have to kill her. I have resolved that she will die at my hands in order to keep her from discovering the truth. This is fact.

But that doesn’t mean I have to like it, right?

Asphyxiation could be an option. It can take a while but if she’s asleep it will be relatively painless and…she won’t know it’s me.

I think that’s why she’s getting in my head.

Charlotte confided in me a lot while she and Daniel were still together. She also didn’t have a lot of girlfriends or people that she could trust. I mean, she has her brother who was very supportive when she moved out but I suspect this downward spiral she’s on has alienated the last of her family connections.

Did you know she was the one who convinced Daniel to become a private investigator? The man drank himself out of the police academy after getting his degree in criminal law and instead of kicking his sorry ass out the door, she convinced him to use his skills to go into the private sector.

And you see where that’s gotten us.

Maybe if I came at her from behind and strangled her, she wouldn’t know it was me. Make it look like an accident.

I shouldn’t be hesitating like this; it should be just like any other kill. Like any of the 14 kills I’ve committed this week. Do you know how risky that is? To have that many victims on the nightly news in such a short period of time? I could get caught for just thinking of killing Charlotte.

James actually scolded me for being so careless. He’s been working overtime to make sure my tracks are covered on these cases but he doesn’t know if it’s a good idea to kill Charlotte anymore.

He was all for it when it meant protecting us from a woman who no one would miss but now he’s hesitating. That’s not good. As careless as I may get by throwing so many bodies out there, you get caught when you hesitate and second guess decisions you know are for the best. I know he’s trying to look out for me but…


What if I went in the opposite direction? What if I killed so many people, Charlotte included, that the police wouldn’t know where to start, let alone follow Charlotte’s trail. They’ve yet to look at me as a serial killer but they’d never think of me as a mass murderer. That’s a completely different MO. They won’t be looking for the 9 to 5 woman with a loving husband and child. And if I’m focused on killing a dozen people at once, I won’t be thinking about Charlotte in particular.

This could work.

I’ll have a chat with James when he gets home to see if he has any insight, but I like this idea. And it’s new. I’ve never killed more than two people at once because public outcry for mass murder is far louder than it is for the death of a few strangers. There’s a lot of unexplored territory here. This could be fun.

As fun as killing your best friend can be, I guess.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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