Wednesday 12 May 2021

Your Midweek Update for 05/12/21

I found her. Of all the places I thought I would find her – of all the ways I thought she’d been taken – this never crossed my mind.

I found her mother. Or, my sister did. She’s very good at this – it’s a shame she could never turn it into something practical – my mother’s words, not mine. She never understood why my sister was the way she was. She never tried to understand her. For fuck’s sake, she reported her to the police. What kind of a mother does that? Mothers are supposed to protect their children. They’re supposed to understand their children’s needs and nurture them.

I suppose that’s why I never had children. I’ve lost all three of the ones I was meant to care for. Some people are just not meant to change diapers. I am one of them. My sister is the other, but only one of us figured it out before it was too late.

Nevertheless, she found Casey’s mother, so I made the two-day drive to meet her. She looked nothing like her photo. It was her, obviously. But the last time photos I had of her she was a broken woman just out of the hospital who had lost everything in her life. The woman I met carried herself like she had everything she could ever want.

A nice house, a nice lawn, a nice neighbourhood that was too rich to bother getting to know one another. She looked incredibly well put-together (a dress and heels and nails that could probably slice a man’s throat – which… props), but I recognized her eyes immediately. They were crazy and maniacal and intelligent beyond measure. Those were my eyes. Those were Casey’s eyes.

As we sat in her living room, drinking tea and staring each other down, I realized that we’d met before. Or, we’d almost met. I’d seen her photograph before.

She was the woman who had blackmailed Heather into finding me. All those month ago, the elusive woman I had to put in the back of my mind for my own sanity, was now sitting across from me, sipping tea with her pinky up. All this time, she hadn’t been looking for me. She’d been looking for Casey.

And it seems she found her.

Then, she told me a story. About growing up and seeing the world differently than other people. About being different and having no qualms about hurting others to get her way. She told me about manipulating her husband into thinking that he loved her so that she could start a family. About wanting nothing more than to continue her legacy with her daughter.

She talked about the night Casey slit her throat – even showed me the scar. How the spell on her husband had been broken when he fell in love with another woman, and he was going to take Casey away from her. How “her little girl” had overheard their argument and slit her daddy’s throat to keep them together. What she hadn’t counted on was Casey trying to kill her mother as well. “I had never been so proud.” She told me.

When she awoke in the hospital and heard the horrible news, she knew she had to find her daughter but it was too late. She has spent the last eight years looking for her daughter so that they could be together again.

And then she gave me a tour of the house. She showed me the guest bedrooms, the master bathroom (which had a gorgeous jacuzzi tub), the two dining rooms, the gardens. She showed me the basement above the cellar where there was a room set up. It had all the comforts of home, except for the lock and bars on the windows. And lying on the bed, tied up with nylon rope, was Casey.

She was so thin. And her eyes were big and red. And she looked angry. Scared and angry. She’d never looked more beautiful.

I said I found her. I didn’t say I’d brought her home.

Her mother wants to keep her. Wants to train her to be like her. I couldn’t allow it.

I remember going to Casey, going to untie her, and then there was a pain in my neck. And I then woke up in my car outside of my hotel. I went back to the house but I couldn’t get passed the front gate. She only let me through as a courtesy so I’d know my daughter was alive.

My daughter. Not hers. Not after this. And if Casey wants to kill her mother, she has my blessing.

But now, I am in my hotel room, chatting with my sister and my husband, trying to find a way to free my daughter. This woman is dangerous. She has spent nearly a decade hunting and hiding in plain sight and she is just crazy enough, that I can’t predict what she’ll do.

Casey looked so scared. And I feel helpless. For the first time, I don’t feel like I’m the scariest person in the room. I looked into her eyes and I saw myself if I’d lost everything. I’ve come very close in my life, but I’ve never lost everything.

I think I’m about to face my worst nightmare.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe 

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