Wednesday 18 November 2020

Your Mid-Week Update for 11/18/20

I hate the fucking people who don’t understand that their decision to be a douchebag affects everyone around them.

I am a serial killer. I murder people in horrible, gruesome ways, and I derive a small amount of sexual pleasure from getting away with it for over twenty years. And even I have the decency to wear a fucking mask and keep my distance.

To be fair, I enjoy the mask wearing because it adds a layer of anonymity which makes my job a little bit easier. But also I’m not a monster.

Well, I am, but not in a general sense. I understand the concept of protecting yourself and others from a deadly, horrible virus and not potentially killing just anyone.

Again, I see the irony but I am claiming the moral high ground over people who don’t wear masks and you can’t stop me.

I haven’t really talked about the pandemic beyond complaining about everything – and worrying about my father (who is okay, his care home is no longer in lock down and they’ve had no more cases in several weeks). I simply feel powerless in this situation. We’re going on eight months and some people have already decided that they’re over it and it’s only making things worse. I just got a new job, if we have to go into lockdown again and I’m trapped at home, I’m going to lose my fucking mind.

Either that, or start writing a novel or something. I tried picking up hobbies when this whole thing began but nothing really panned out. I have been wondering, lately, if I shouldn’t try my hand at writing fiction. Like “Basic Instinct” but better because I understand the difference between coincidence and an alibi. Just because she wrote the book, does not mean she couldn’t have committed the crime. That’s nonsense.

So anyways, I’m better than Sharon Stone, is my point.

I don’t actually remember what my point was. I just remember waking up and seeing the reports of cases spiking all over the place and I got really angry at the world for a second.

As I should, because the world is a shitty place that allows people like me to make claims like: a serial killer is better than an irresponsible douchebag, and is also better than Sharon Stone. And none of you can dispute my claims because there is so much anonymity that you will never know how much of what I’m writing is real, or pure fiction in preparation for my novel.

Every lady needs a hobby, after all.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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