Wednesday 7 October 2020

Your Mid-Weel Update for 10/07/20

Guess who’s home?


After Heather killed our lead, we didn’t have a lot of options so we had to turn back for the time being. We’re so close to finding this woman, I just know it, and then Heather had to get over excited. I have no other explanation for it. She just lost control. Clearly, she was paying attention when she was sexily commanding me to break bones and remove toenails with vinegar pliers because she knew exactly where to hit him.

At least she helped me hide the body.

I don’t know that that’s a bonus because we wouldn’t have had a body to dismember and bury in the first place. Maybe. I was planning on killing him but I had the patience to wait until after we got what we needed. Now because of her, the trail is cold and the woman is in the wind.

This mystery woman is a threat to my family, to my entire way of life and Heather

I had a nightmare about her. In my dream Heather was this succubus creature with fangs and pointy ears, and we were in this cave/dungeon-type place with a big stone altar in the middle. James was lying on the altar and he was covered in blood but I couldn’t tell where he was bleeding from. And when I tried to move – to get to him, to save him – my feet wouldn’t move. There was something pulling on my wrists, keeping me in place, but there wasn’t actually anything there. I kept calling out to Heather to let me free or save him or do something. And then she looked at him, and then she walked right up to me. I could smell her breath (it was, like, sewer water and burnt flesh) and she whispered in my ear “nothing lasts.” And then she dug her fangs into my shoulder and I woke up.

I don’t have a lot of nightmares.

I AM the nightmare.

But even after all this time, after travelling with her, after coming home and hugging Casey and kissing James, I’m afraid of her. But I don’t know why.

If I don’t trust someone – especially if someone knows my secret – I kill them. I slice their throat and pull out their teeth and burn their fingerprints and ears and throw their remains in the ocean. I’ve done it before to people less deserving than her.

Except technically, her only crime was betraying me, and she confessed. She helped me track down the people who were blackmailing her. It’s just that…ever since I watched her bludgeon the investigator – our one lead to finding the woman who went to some much trouble to get to me – I’ve had this voice in the back of my head shouting “she’s not who she pretends to be”. Maybe she wasn’t helping me. Maybe I went on this entire fucking trip to help her. Did I let myself get taken by this woman? Someone I actually called my friend? Am I being paranoid and she simply made a mistake?

In the end, does it really matter why?

I think I have to kill Heather.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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