Wednesday 12 August 2020

Your Mid-Week Update for 08/12/20

The house has become a rather unusual place over the last few weeks. Between inviting Heather into my home out of some (deserved, I suppose) guilt for ruining her life, Casey having to go back to school, and James back to work full time, there hasn’t been a real sense of normalcy lately.

Also it’s my birthday today. 43 years old and no fucking clue what I’m doing with my life other than murdering people and taking in strays.

If only either of those things was a viable career option.

And we have been killing a fair bit, lately. 2 or 3 people per week (which was my average at the peak of my obsession). It’s not always as a family – I do still enjoy my private time – but the time we do spend together, the four of us, is really nice.

Like this most recent murder.

Actually, it was a pair this time. Two joggers at the local park, not wearing masks, flipped off Casey when she suggested that they should. A little girl. My little girl. They had to go.

I let Casey take the lead since this was obviously her kill but James and I were there every step of the way, to guide her through what technique she wanted and the best tools for the job. It was comically easy to get to them since all we had to do was follow them home and sneak in the back door while they were resetting the alarm.

Usually, we would take them back home but this seemed like the quickest method to get what he wanted – plus it gave Casey some practice on improvisation and using her surroundings. She knows what we have to kill people with, but what can she use to strangle someone or peel off their toenails.

In a show of irony that I was very proud of, she had us all don masks (including our belligerent couple, whose masks were also stuffed tight so no one could hear their muffled screams) and then she started at their toes and worked her way up. With each limb, she would alternate between a hammer, a meat tenderizer (I told you, they were excellent tools), and a pair of tweezers she kept in a bowl of boiling water when not in use, to break bones, and pull out anything that broke through the skin.

It was innovative, painful, and agonizingly long but the joy on her face filled me with such pride.

I know I’ve said this before, but having someone in the house who really understands what I do, has been a weight off my chest like I never imagined.

The family that tortures together…

Actually, I’ve been thinking about that, as well. I’m a little worried we’re becoming the torture family of our generation. Every few decades (at least), there’s a group of people who terrorize part of all of their country with their murder spree. As much fun as I’m having, I really don’t want to become that family.

It never ends well for the leader.

Still, if you’d looked at that little girl’s blood-soaked face and saw the glee and desperate need for approval, you’d give in to the cultish nature of your family dynamic just to keep her smiling.

So for now, nothing changes.

But damn, do changes need to come soon.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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