Wednesday 20 November 2019

Your Mid-Week Update for 11/20/19

Not much of an update this week.

James is home, recovering. Casey is learning a lot from the torture and mutilation of the man in the basement. I have chosen not to dignify his life with a name – even a fake one for blogging purposes. He doesn’t deserve it.

I know you’re thinking: You’ve encountered so many dangerous and evil men, why is one man who shot a few police officers worth all this trouble. To you I say

Grow the fuck up.

I have room in my heart to murder every bad person in the world. It’ll just take some time. And for a man who hurt my husband, I will clear my schedule. No one gets to hurt my family but me.

I still haven’t heard from Jason. If I get a Christmas card, I’ll be happy. I think about him a lot. Where he is. What he might be doing. If he’s happy. I really hope he’s happy. I miss him. I’m growing to enjoy Casey’s company but of all the children I didn’t give birth to, he was the one I want to reach the most. But I never could.

We are getting melancholy and realistic today.

I had better stop before I head down a rabbit hole I have no intention of approaching on this random Wednesday.

So I am going to go slice off basement man’s ear before I head to work. Maybe that will help.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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