Wednesday 25 September 2019

Your Mid-Week Update for 09/25/19

This week we’re studying weapons of choice. Specifically hand held weapons. Obviously, Casey seems adept at blunt force but there are so many ways to take a life, and cross-training is essential to any successful endeavor. It’s important to be multi-talented in this economy.

Knives are always an excellent choice. Then there’s the bigger items like axes and baseball bats. Anything you can use to fix a car, you can use to bludgeon someone. Practically. Tire irons, jacks, windshield fluid, road flairs. That gets messy. I try not to deal with guns and then there’s anything heavy enough to cause damage; from statues to kitchenware.

Now, clearly I can’t train Casey how to use every single weapon at her disposal but I can teach her how and when to use them. Taking advantage of an opportunity may seem like the best time for blunt objects but those are messy and if you aren’t properly prepared, the cleanup will be worse. Knives and fine-point items are better. Low external impact but major results. When the murder is premeditated, you can plan how you want it all to go down. Want it to look like a crime of passion? Heavy objects that are commonly found in the location in which you’re committing your kill will do the trick. A failed robbery? Knives with short, messy strokes will do the trick. Murder of opportunity? Seriously, anything you would use to fix a car, and a victim driven slightly out of their comfort zone makes for a small mystery that is likely to go unsolved.

We’re working our way up to axes and baseball bats. That gets into the combat element – of which I am far from a master – and I can teach her that after she’s worked on her more easily accessible weapons. Once you do axes, then you get into ropes, torture, archery, things leading up to patterns of a serial killer. I still think we’re too early for things that close to danger.

Man, the Axe Man was amazing. Ever heard of him? Haunted New Orleans in the 20s, strange moral conviction, no one can figure out how many he actually butchered. Never caught. That’s almost the dream. I’ve ranted before about killers who have such obvious patterns that they’re begging to be caught. But I will admit, there is something inspiring about creating a cloud of fear, knowing the public will never truly be able to protect themselves from your reign of terror.

But that inspiration only lasts for so long. All reigns must come to an end. Whether they’re caught or they’re forced to stop for some other reason. The way I do it.

Did it. They didn’t even know they should be terrified every time they leave the house.

Hopefully, I can teach Casey to follow in my footsteps that way. She doesn’t have to copy me but if I can pass on that wisdom, I can create a better version of myself. That’s why we’re doing this, right? Raising children – even if they aren’t our own. So we can create a better version of ourselves.

Once can only hope.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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