Wednesday 18 September 2019

Your Mid-Week Update for 09/18/19

I will never have to go on a diet again!

The thought occurred to me as I was driving home from my new job(!). Oh yeah, I am finally employed. I’m working for a temp agency. Not the most exciting work but I booked a job covering someone’s maternity leave so I’ve got at least a week. That was a joke. I’ve got about 8 months of employment before I have to go back and look for my next gig. I’ve never had a gig before. I’ve always had a job or a career. But the work is in the same field and the temporary nature of the job would allow an anonymity to…kill if I still killed.

But I never have to go on a diet.

Murder, consistent murder, is a fit woman’s game. Chasing victims, strangling them. Carrying their lifeless body, it takes a strength and stamina that is difficult to maintain. I’ve spent every day of my life since I was a teenager watching what I eat, how much exercise and strength training I do. I don/t like doing actual “diets” but intentional healthy eating no matter what. It used to drive my mother insane because her family is Eastern European. They express themselves through food. Annoying my mother was just a bonus.

But now that I’m not killing, I don’t have to care. I don’t have to do anything unless I want to not because I feel I have to. All that freedom.

I’m not going to subject Casey to any sort of regiments like that but she’ll figure out what her body needs to survive.

There’s a lot of things I can do now that I don’t have a nighttime hobby. I got home after work and just sat on the couch. Waited for James to get home from training at the prison. Oh yeah, he did get that job. They’re training him anyways and they’ll decide if they’re willing to overlook the suspicious way he left his job on the force.

We aren’t shying away from it if people ask. When questioned about the sudden move and leaving town in the middle of the night, we do tell people that our family was accused of a heinous crime that we were proven innocent of but it left a strong desire to get away so we picked up and left. It’s not a lie. It’s just omitting some details for deserved privacy. That’s not a bad thing. That’s human. So I hear.

I think we’ve earned a little privacy. We need a little privacy.

I need a new hobby. Any suggestions?

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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