Wednesday 6 February 2019

Your Mid-Week Update for 02/06/19

Last week was a bit of a shock. For everyone involved. I want to give you a little more detail before we move on to this week’s kill. Spoiler alert: it involves acid and snow.

Okay now I want to talk about that because it was really cool. Kids: household products are amazing for my purposes but if a serial killer likes it, maybe you should be careful around it. Just saying. I’m looking out for you really.

Our city has really been hit by this polar vortex. The snow is not favorable but the freezing cold temperatures have been the real pain in the ass. And the fingers. And toes. And face. If you’re outside for more than a few minutes, it’s just shooting pain over everything. I can’t imagine how our homeless population are coping. I briefly thought about how easy it would be to lure a few away with the promise of shelter and then senselessly murder them but that felt cruel. So I brought coffee to the two guys who were huddled near the office and offered to buy them anything else they needed.

I’m not a monster, folks. Well…I am. But…a human monster.

So I needed to find someone else to target but I didn’t want to spend too much time outside hunting. This is not the time to be stalking someone through an alley or waiting outside their place of employment to lure them away from the cameras.

And then it landed in my lap and I just had to take advantage. I made the victim come to me. A pipe cracked in the basement. Any easy fix and only required one repairman for a few hours (which was stretched into two men over the course of two visits). The first time, the partners came to check out the situation and promised to come back the next day with the necessary parts. Typical. The next day, only one man showed up, prepared to spend some time working on the problem. I let him fix the problem and then I offered him a cup of tea before he left which he accepted. For flavor, I used drain cleaner (I thought he’d appreciate the irony. He did not) which went down and then I pushed him out the back door before it all came back up. While he was writhing in agony, I went out to his truck and sent a text from his work phone about leaving the residence and having to take care of something personal. I drove the truck around back, loaded up the still vomiting repair man and headed off to burry him before dropping the car off in long term parking at the airport. All in all, I very routine kill. Until I got home and had to clean up the astronomical mess he’d made all over the back porch. Thank god for snow and polar vortexes for freezing unnecessary waste and making disposal much easier. Can you imagine if I’d pulled this stunt in the summer? With the heat and the grass soaking everything up? Gross! I may go back and forth about getting my hands dirty with blood, but I hate handling any other bodily fluids.

It’s just gross.

And I spent so much time talking about this kill that I have to go to work before I can give you more details about Casey and the new development in our lives. Basic info: she’s 15, looks like James, and has the self-confidence of a girl who grew up with nothing but self-assured women. She is open and vocal and that could be a problem. Or it could be a lot of fun. We’ll see.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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