Wednesday 5 December 2018

Your Mid-Week Update for 12/05/18

Winter is upon is and I continue my love-hate relationship with the weather. On one hand, blood shows up quite a lot in snow versus anything else that might be on the ground. On the other hand, convenient snow piles make for nice evidence destroying hiding places. Ice is a problem. Generally. It’s hard and cold which is fine on its own, but the slippery factor is the one that gets me. I must learn to use my greatest weakness as my greatest strength.

Technically my family is my greatest weakness but they already know that. Well, James knows that but I haven’t given that talk to Jason. He still hasn’t really come around to his old self yet. I don’t know if he ever will – and I have to learn to live with that.

Sad thoughts for the morning, okay.

The point I was trying to make is that I need to be less concerned about the pitfalls of ice all around me (aka, the literal falls from my poor balance and coordination), and think more about how I can turn ice in my favour.

I present to you, dear readers: literal ice pick.

Think about it. Use a piece of ice as your weapon and the evidence will literally melt away on its own. You have to be careful about using certain types of gloves (no bare flesh on solid ice) but otherwise it’s virtually untraceable. How cool is that? Ice pick combined with convenient piles of snow spell success on my end and more dead bodies – should my heart desire such a thing.

Remember: just because I can doesn’t mean I will. This is about giving in to urges not fulfilling a civic duty. Important distinction.

That being said, having the freedom to kill more often will help me relax. I may have kicked the addiction aspect of killing so it’s become more of a habit than a necessity but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good feeling associated with jamming a fork into someone eye in a restaurant bathroom, carving weird “occult” symbols into their chest to make it seem less random, and then leaving their body in a locked stall so no one will find them for hours. I will admit, it adds a little skip in my step but I don’t need to kill every day like I once did. I’m better. More in control.

As we enter the last moth of this roller coaster of a year, I’ve been reflecting on just how far this family has come since it began all those years ago. We’re smaller now and a little further apart but we’re still together and we’re still standing. I think that counts for a lot.

There’s a lot to be proud for: new innovations, new secrets, new connections. I cannot wait for this year to be over. Until then, there’s literal ice picks.

Side note: am I spelling that correctly? I feel like that’s not the correct use of pick but I can’t think of what the right way is. Feel free to correct me in the comments below.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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