Wednesday 9 May 2018

Your Mid-Week Update for 05/09/18

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? Like if you turn around fast enough you might catch a glimpse of whatever is lurking in the shadows. But you’re always too late. The moment you gather your courage to face your demons, they’ve vanished as though they were never there. But you know they were. You’re not crazy. You can’t be. Otherwise that means you did leave your laptop open; you did forget your keys; you didn’t hear the door open.

Remember to breathe. I know you hold it to listen but you can’t. Don’t you think if they wanted to be heard, they would be? It’s best to leave them alone. But be prepared; be aware of where the shadows are but don’t let them know you know. That way you’ll have the upper hand. Right?

If you’re not crazy, then what are those footsteps coming up the stairs? If you’re not paranoid then who’s standing in your doorway?

The figure seems to fill up the entire space – you can’t escape that way. It’s reaching for you – calling out but the storm is over powering.

It hasn’t rained in weeks.

It’s the static in your ears. It’s getting louder; you can’t move. Overwhelming your senses. All you can do is watch as it reaches out for you – fingers long and thin.  

You’re frozen.

You stare for longer than you care to admit. I don’t think you could move if you wanted to. But then, it’s gone. Like it was never there. The static leaves a ringing that won’t fade for hours. You won’t sleep tonight anyways, waiting for a sound. Any sound.

A confirmation that you’re not crazy.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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