Wednesday 27 September 2017

Your Mid-Week Update for 09/27/17

As promised, I approached my new project on Monday morning. Now, I want to make it clear: this woman isn’t going to die for several months. We’re playing the long game on this one. Especially in the early days, when we’re getting to know each other, I won’t have much to share about this project. This whole week is about establishing myself as a regular feature in her life.

We’re going to call her Mary because that’s easy to remember.

I will probably forget by next week.

I should apologize for all those times I’ve forgotten one of the “code names” over the years. I use them to help protect everyone’s identity but I don’t always write things down or remember to go back and look at the names I’ve used. Bless you, dear readers, for sticking with me after all this time. I don’t always put as much effort into this blog as I could.


Maggie came in on Monday at her usual time. I stood in the pick up section and “accidentally” grabbed her drink instead of mine. I expected it to lead to a light-hearted introduction. Instead, I got her coffee thrown down my dress and a few choice words I won’t even use on this blog. I was 2 seconds from following her out the door and slitting her throat but I opted to be kind and patient. At least for one more day. I had to go home and change so I was late for work but all in all, it wasn’t a horrible day.

Year-end means we’re still sort and filing, and labeling, and dealing with temps. Heather has barely been at her desk the past few days.

Tuesday morning, Mary arrived at the same time – again – but this time, after receiving her drink, she came over to my table. She asked if she could sit and I let her. She then apologized for yesterday, saying she had just received some unfortunate news and clearly didn’t take it well. I agreed, and let her hand me a few dollars to cover my dry-cleaning (jokes on her, I just threw that old sweater dress in the laundry). She then called over her older gentleman friend and the three of us drank and chatted for a little while before I honestly had to leave for work. It definitely wasn’t because our conversation was boring as fuck.

Seriously, how can one person be so obsessed with reality television and know nothing about the real world? I am certainly not one to talk at length about politics but she didn’t have one thing to contribute to the conversation except for localized celebrity gossip. Why do you care so much?

More than patience for the long-kill, I’m going to need all of my self-control in order to keep a feigned interest in this woman’s life.

Give me strength.

Hopefully something – anything will have happened today. I need something to ignore as I drink my overpriced coffee. She better be worth it.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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