Wednesday 13 January 2016

You Mid-Week Update for 01/13/16

I have no real news to report this week. The body count for 2016 is up to 7 – all of them mine, I promise.

2 hit and runs, 1 poisoning, 3 stabbings, and 1 blunt force trauma (a hammer outside the hardware store). That reminds me, I forgot to take James’ meatloaf out of the freezer.

We tried making a bunch of crockpot dinners and freezing them but that project only lasted one weekend. We’ve still got a few meals left and then we’ll have to fend for ourselves – oh the humanity.

Jason hasn’t spent enough time at home to enjoy our failed attempt at efficiency; he’s spent every possible moment “out”.  Just “out”. I thought he’d moved on from this phase but apparently it’s come back. He’s back at school. Grade 11. Last I heard he was spending all his time in the computer lab with his girlfriend and a few other friends.

He’s been with that girl for a while now, maybe it’s time James and I met her. I mean, I’ve seen her but I’ve never had a chance to sit down and chat with her; get to know her. I don’t even know her name. I’ll take to James when he gets home and interrogate him.

Outside of the bedroom.

We haven’t done anything that…fun in a long time.

We’ve had sex. Believe me, I’d have mentioned if I wasn’t being satisfied in all aspects of my life – apparently, I’m open about these things. We just haven’t done anything creative in several months. Before Sandra died. Granted there hasn’t been much occasion to play around lately but it just occurred to me how far I still have to go in terms of repairing our relationship.

I’m not worried – I’m not – just a little disheartened.

My son is starting to ignore me again, my husband is still holding back. Just little things. Nothing much else to report. Maybe I’ll have something interesting to report next week.

As always, dear readers, stay safe.

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