Wednesday 24 June 2015

Your Midweek Update for 06/24/15

Nothing new to report, just progress – which is almost as good.

James has officially moved all his things back into the bedroom. We had a long talk about the things that were bothering us and a lot of the solution involves me cutting off communication with the Westburns. And I’m inclined to do it. I know, I know: “oh my god, you can’t let a man dictate your life, that’s so misogynist”. Well you know what? I don’t care. I love my husband and if doing something for him makes him happy, then I’m going to do it to the best of my ability. We are partners, he’s given up things for me and I’ve done the same. This is just another turn.

So we talked, we agreed to some terms, signed the peace treaty (with a long awaited kiss) and now I sleep better at night knowing that my husband isn’t suspicious every time I leave the house.


And I am leaving the house more often because I’m back to a semi-regular killing schedule. I say semi-regular because I’ve taken Sandra with me a few times now. She’s stood in the shadows, away from any line of sight, and she’s observed – she’s never touched the crime scene. One time we even walked past a taped off scene so she could see how the police handle the situation. I always wish I knew more about police procedure maybe I could convince James to have a chat with Sandra and I could sit in. It’d be very educational to know how a victim is treated from start (me) to finish (James).
I can tell she’s anxious for her next kill but I am adamant that she learn to keep her urges in check. I won’t let her turn out like me. So far she hasn’t gone against my word. I hope that’ll be enough.
Daniel, despite my best efforts to keep him at bay, still comes around every other day. He just sits outside the house and watches us for a few hours (usually in the morning when we’re eating breakfast and getting ready for the day). Now that James is on my side, I’ve made a point of kissing him goodbye where I know Daniel can see us. This “obsessively in love” was cute but it’s starting to just feel annoying.

The kids have both noticed and are starting to get concerned. Sandra even offered to scare him off and I laughed but maybe a good old fashioned planted body in the trunk will keep him from coming around too often.

I’ll think about it.

Like I said: nothing new, just progress.

I’m happy. I’m really happy. This is the most contented I’ve felt in what feels like forever. This past year has been just a struggle for everyone and I’m glad to see all the wrinkles smoothing out for once.

I’m just going to enjoy it. Nothing can ruin my mood.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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