Friday 12 June 2015

Review of Pathogen: Patient Zero by Kai Kiriyama

A local author in my community (and a friend of mine), Kai Kiriyama recently released Pathogen: Patient Zero and so, of course, I got my hands on a copy to review for you. Check it out:

Pathogen: Patient Zero

Every outbreak starts somewhere…

Pathogen: Patient Zero

A young girl, hospitalized with a violent strain of the flu.
A charismatic doctor who promises that she’s going to be okay.
A nightmare virus that threatens to destroy them both.
Reduced to the title of ‘Zero’, she is dehumanized by her doctors into little more than a series of charts and procedures. Zero is left to her own devices, telling her story through a haze of drugs, slipping in and out of consciousness and trying to find some kind of inner peace as
the doctors around her hustle to find a cure.

PATHOGEN: PATIENT ZERO is a harrowing medical drama, told from the perspective of a girl dying from a mystery illness.


Cliff Notes Version: Patient Zero in what will later become the zombie epidemic recounts her last days of humanity.

As it’s written from a first person perspective, this piece was made for emotion-based writing over action and dialogue – we know what’s happening (zombies), now we get to feel it.

From the very beginning, we’re introduced to this girl who is the definition of quirky but ordinary. She’s completely innocent; there’s no rhyme or reason. Just…decay.

We start to see this girl go from human being, to faceless patient in confinement, losing her grip on humanity long before she succumbs to the virus.

The author has done this wonderful thing where she utilizes the same imagery over and over which just brought home the idea of this young girl slowly losing her grip on reality. Very powerful, and very emotional writing, Kai really tapped into this girl's mind.

My random notes while writing reflect much of what I still think: that the detail and imagery that went into this book was just incredibly phenomenal.
  • Jumping right in. Always fun. And kinda gross
  • Hooray for cute orderlies, they make everything embarrassing 
  • Because now is the time to troll for guys. At least we know where your priorities are
  • Although, I love the very casual "I could have used a boyfriend."
  • And now George Clooney is her attending physician. Maybe she IS in a classic medical sitcom
  • How does he know that? Maybe she just has very specific interests 
  • I mean the exposition is nice (and well placed) but this feels like a character flip. Where's dad?
  • Of course she has polarizing parents. Moms are fun
  • That's what she's mad about? I'm confused
  • He's twice your age but okay, sure
  • Is Quarentine one of the stages of grief? Who knew?
  • Okay, that's a terrifying sensation, I'll give you that one *shudders*
  • Ha! I don't think I was supposed to laugh there it I love characters who find calm and reason in chaos
  • Good visual. I still don't approve of the doctor but great visual
  • Ooh, bad choice of word on the part of the protagonist. The irony of using the word "infected" can't be lost on her
  • I'm just imagining the sensation of unwanted time-jumping *more shuddering*
  • You put your barefoot in, you put your barefoot out...
  • Whoa, I'm feeling a little nauseous myself. Goodness, well done
  • Dude, I don't care if you're sweet and charming, she's your patient
  • I somehow feel like I should be offended on her behalf when he says "sleep is for the weak" but she doesn't care so...moving on...
  • "Surgery, Surgery" makes me think of Repo: The Genetic Opera
  • I'm loving this "what if" scenario. Such detail. It's what I'd do
  • I have no words, I'm simply absorbed in this world; the pure feeling of dread and compassion evoked by this girl's life
  • It's amazing the emotional connection you get when you know the ending
  • I hate to say it but I want more. More depression and frustration 
  • That horrible realization that you've been copying the doctors...
  • It's interesting to see the protagonist emotionally distancing herself; like she knows the end is coming and she's preparing...whoa
  • Oh I see what you're doing with these characters: you're trying to make care
  • Gnarly! A little rushed, but gnarly

Kai Kiriyama is a writer of many things, mostly novels, of varying genres.

With diplomas in tea leaf reading, palmistry, crystal divination, and crystal healing, it’s no surprise to see novels reflecting the otherworldly with her name on them. Influenced by tales of magic, deception and monsters, Kai takes her genre-hopping seriously.

She currently lives in Canada with her pet snake and a looming deadline.

You can get a copy of Pathogen: Patient Zero here: Smashwords | Kobo | ITunes | B&N

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