Wednesday 19 November 2014

Your Mid-Week Update for 11/19/14

There is this independent coffee shop not three blocks from my house that sells the best dark roast I have ever tasted. It's got this rich flavour to it, that just...mmm. I'll definitely be going back there.

Of course I only know about this magical coffee shop because of Daniel.

Someone likes to frequent this mythical caffeine station after a night of stalking me. Last Thursday, I put James's plan into action.

I stalked the stalker.

If Daniel Westburn is going to try and find out my secrets, then I'll find out his.

It starts with patterns.

Every morning around 5am, he drives away from my house, presumably to return to his cabin in the woods. I think even he knows there's no way in hell I have time to kill between 9-5 on a weekday.

I mean I could if I wanted to but not these days.

I'm still okay with being killless, by the way. I'm biding my time, making it worth the stress I put myself through to get this far.

Dr. Owlface says I'm recovering surprisingly well and even lowered my dosage.

James lets me talk about my psychiatric treatment but not our sex life.


Anyways, Daniel heads to the coffee shop every morning and orders a large dark roast and puts one sugar in it. The coffee is very good and it's served by this hunky guy who barely speaks English.

Now that I've established this minor pattern, I can start expanding. I tried to follow him past the coffee shop but I lost him behind a semi. I'm getting there, though. My goal is to learn his morning routine by the end of the month.

I wonder where he goes home at night. Does he still have his job? I know his stalking isn't on company time.

What is he giving up for me?

I've been thinking about that a lot lately. Wondering what it is that drew him to me. James keeps making references to Jaws and I take it as the compliment it is - I do. I like being the unattainable creature, violent and beautifully powerful.

But it doesn't stop me thinking about it.

I shall continue to contemplate it over my dark roast coffee.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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