Wednesday 22 October 2014

Your Mid-Week Update for 10/22/14

So…weird thing happened this morning…

James worked the night shift and he got home around six am. I went outside to take the trash out and found James, my husband, talking to Daniel, my stalker. And it wasn’t a confrontational conversation, either. Those dicks were laughing; joking, patting each other on the back. Smiling. It was weird.

I walk out there and Daniel is leaning against his car, so relaxed. And he waves at me like we’re old friends. I waved back like the world was imploding but they just kept on talking.

So now I’m standing beside James with the garbage in one hand and my darling husband introduces me to Daniel Westburn, private investigator. He held out his hand but I couldn’t bring myself to take it.

Then my loving husband filled me in, ever so casually. He was just telling Daniel, if he ever came near me, he’d fucking kill the private investigator; to which Daniel replied that it didn’t matter that James was a cop because he’d take him down with me. The two of them laughed and shook hands before James kissed my cheek and walked up the driveway.

Just like that. No other explanation was to why those two were even talking in the first place!

I just stared at James as he walked back into the house before I looked back at the object of my current obsession. His smile was gone but he was smirking like he knew exactly how dazed I was by the sudden exchange.


He told me that he liked James and would enjoy even more seeing the two of us behind bars. How my children would never see me again.

I was this close to punching him in the nuts when I noticed the wedding ring. He actually forced some poor woman to marry him. There had to be a way I could use this to my advantage.

Thoughts of revenge were the only way I kept my head clear.

So though I was anything but focused and pulled together, I smiled, waved, and walked away.

Once inside, before I could even start ranting about all the ways I wanted to rip Daniel Westburn apart, James kissed me and told me he had a plan.

And I think it’s a good plan.

But I don’t want to say it out loud in case I’m wrong (which is rare but still possible). I don’t think I even want to contemplate what really happened this morning. James won’t tell me how the conversation got started other than “I wanted to meet the man” and Daniel was gone before I left for work. Probably visiting his wife he must so rarely see.

It was such a brief exchange but I know I’ll be thinking about it for a while. At least until I can wrap my head around James’s plan.

You know, sometimes I long for the good old days. When I wasn’t plotting revenge against some crazed man; involving my husband in my schemes. Risking the lives and carefully balanced relationships I have with my children.

All I know is that Daniel thinks he threw me off balance this morning – thinks he’s shifted things back to his side – but he’s wrong. I will not falter, I will not break.

He will not get to me!

And he will not have the last word.

He is going to feel the slow burn of a woman like me. I will wrap my hands around his soul and squeeze the life out of him inch by inch. And he’ll see it coming because I want him to but he won’t be able to stop it.

Daniel Westburn, this is your final warning: you threatened my family. Nothing you do can stop me now.

Your life is in my hands.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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