Tuesday 28 October 2014

Let Me In: A Poem

There's a girl who sits upon your stair
And asks you, please, to play with her
When you decline, the poor girl cries
A wailing, moaning cry

She begs all day without and never stops
But you always tell her no
And so at night she whispers
"Please, mama let me in."

You shut your eyes, cover your ears
The wailing never ceases
"Why won't you ever play with me?
Please, mama let me in."

Three sharp knocks against your door
That's how she always calls
It ruins all your nightmares
You haven't slept in years

It's not your fault, you want to cry
But all you do is sit
And stare against the cold, white walls
That were once stained with red

You tell yourself she wants to play
What harm can be in that?
But then you remember dying screams
"Please, mama let me in?"

You know you should, the little girl's
So lonely without you
But sometimes you hear her whisper
"If you won't play with me

"I'll find someone else who'll join my game
If you won't let me in
But I'll be back tomorrow
You best be ready, then."

You're thankful for reprive, but
Now your gut twists with a guilt
'Cause you let her out, that lonely girl
You let her out the door

That night she roams the neighbourhood
Knocking all the doors
Hoping that some poor lost soul
Will kindly let her in

Your hands against your bleeding ears 
Beg silence in the night
But then you hear a dreadful sound 
"Will you please let me in?"

It's not against your bedroom door
Though, somehow, you wish it were
It's against another's door
The one who's innocent

The one who sees a frail girl
And offers kindness there
Oh how you wish you had the strength
To pull her away from the door

But you're a coward, you know it's true
Your body shakes with sweat
Your eyes are bloodshot, your breathing gone
You wait to hear the screams

It doesn't come, you realize
When daylight finally saves
Perhaps your neighbour's innocence
Saved her from the child

But then outside you hear the noises
Crowds have gathered now
Someone found the body
Of your neighbour's innocence

You look outside your window
And stare out on the street
But she's in too many pieces
For you to even speak

And then you hear the dreadful noise 
That freezes 'gainst your heart
Three sharp knocks against my door
"Now will you let me in?"

© 2014 Victoria Trask All Rights Reserved

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