Monday 16 September 2013

A Farewell to Maurice (Part 3)


Please, please don't be sad. I have to leave. That village - that castle - has sucked the life out of me. The villagers have been less than welcoming and Adam is more beast-like than ever. Most nights we can't go to bed without a fight and when I say's one sided. I'm sorry papa. I'm so very sorry. I can't go back there. It's no longer my home. You are my home, papa, but I know you are too weak to travel now. You'll be safe there. He won't come after you, I've made sure. I'm so sorry.

And there's more. I've met someone else. He's seen the world and he promised to take me with him. He's going to take me away from my beast of a husband. But he's also going to take me away from you. I wish I could bring you with me, papa but I can't risk it. I love you too much.

You were all I ever had, all I've ever needed and now I need to say goodbye. You'll be alright without me. Lefou has agreed to take care of you in my absence and he'll send word if you need me. He's been so good to you these past few years I trust him to care for you when I cannot. And I can't, papa, I can't stay; not a minute longer.

By the time you read this I will be far away. I've made a roast in the oven. You may need to warm it but it will last you several days. There are also pies cooling on the back window sill. Apple. Your favourite.

I'm sorry papa; I'll miss you, so much. Thank you. Thank you for being my everything.

I know things weren't easy after mom died but you were the best. You were an amazing mom, and best friend, and nurse, and teacher, were the best dad. Are the best dad. No matter what happened, no matter what anyone says: you are the most amazing father. I couldn't ask for better - I never would.

And now I'm going to break your heart and tell you that I have to leave. Perhaps forever. I don't want to leave you, papa but I have to. I can't stay here. Not anymore.

Remember to pay the baker 3£ and not a cent more each week when he comes around. He'll try and trick you into paying more but don't let him. You remind him that we made a deal. Hold your ground, papa. Be strong.

I may never see you again. I'm sorry.

Thank you for being my everything.

I love you.


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