Monday 23 September 2013

A Farewell to Maleficent (Part 4)

Here lies Maleficent,
She was strong and resourceful and one of the most powerful faeries I have ever known.
Not to mention evil.
Hush Merryweather.
I just wanted to point out that she doesn’t deserve a eulogy because she was an evil woman.
But she was our sister, Merryweather, we have to say goodbye.
Alright I’ll say goodbye but I don’t have to like it.
Oh, but I think eulogies are so nice.
Both of you: hush.
Maleficent, we did not always see eye to eye – it was very rare when we did – but you were our sister and we love you. Life was cruel to you, and on behalf of the King and Queen I want to apologize for not affording you the respect you deserved. You may not have earned a kindness from the people but as a faerie you deserved respect and because you did not receive that I apologize. Because I did not say it in life I shall say it in death.
Forgive me.
I’ve never been much with words but I suppose…the thing I’ll miss most about you is the way you were as a girl. When we were growing up you were so carefree; so loving. I looked up to you. But I’m sorry things ended this way. We had to, you see, you were too evil.
It’s true.
But it is true, Flora. I don’t know when it happened but she became too evil to live.
Flora, I don’t think that’s our decision to make.
You’re the one who killed her.
I did that to save Phillip.
But you still killed her.
You did. But as much as I miss her, I think you were right. I’m going to miss Maleficent but…
But she wasn’t our sister any longer. She was too evil to live.
Ladies, this is eulogy!
No one else is here, Flora. I don’t think it matters what we say now.
I suppose you’re right. Say your goodbyes, Merrywheather. It’s time to go.
Dear Maleficent,
It’s just us now so I can say what I need to. I’m so sorry for everything that happened to you. I blame myself – and the others. We should have taken care of you long ago. But I couldn’t because you’re my sister and no matter what evils you’ve committed I still love you. That’s the very definition of ‘family’ isn’t it? I didn’t expect to feel anything except satisfaction at your death. But I still have this…this feeling in my heart like maybe I regret what happened.
I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Can you ever forgive us for not killing you sooner? The only comfort I have now is that you’re gone from this world and I will never see you again.
Goodbye forever.

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