Monday 12 August 2013

Review of Ember (Faylinn #2): aka I'm a puddle

Earlier this month I posted my review of Kaleidoscope by Mindy Hayes for the blog tour but as soon as I finished I needed more so I went out and bought book two and devoured that in less than a day so here is my review of Ember.

One decision changed her life forever. One choice could seal her fate for eternity.

By accepting her destiny, Calliope entered the enchanting world of Faylinn. What she wasn’t prepared for were all the compromises she would be forced to make. After being thrown into her duties as queen, it’s clear she must pick her battles wisely or risk loosing the respect of her kingdom.

With Kai and Declan by her side her confidence rises, but they can’t protect her from everything. When Faylinn is threatened Calliope is forced to face an even greater reality than she was prepared for. Haunted by the truthfulness of Favner’s last words, she realizes she has no idea what she’s gotten herself into.

Will Calliope be able to hold true to Faylinn’s beliefs while still following her heart or will she be forced to sacrifice a part of herself in order to save her kingdom?

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The Faylinn series just keeps getting better and better. Mindy Hayes is back with more fantasy and beauty than you could possible fit on a page but there it is. The images she creates with her words are just breath taking and the action, romance and drama are pumped up to the max. I was so pleased that there were no distractions today because I just sat down and started reading and didn’t put it down until I was on the edge of my seat, in awe of the crazy cliffhanger.

Once again, the prologue opens up with more mystery that of course draws the reader in as Callie makes the journey to Faylinn and begins her new life as Queen. From there, there’s never a dull page. Festivals, negotiations, Kai being his usual bipolar/adorable self, drama, betrayal, late night rendezvous and of course magic and mishappenings. I swear sometimes it was like reading Fae Princess Diaries. So much fun but with a bit of a darker, magical twist with secrets and lies. None of the backstory filler crap. Just boom. Plot! Boom. Characters! And lots of flowers – did I mention I loved the imagery.

The only thing I loved more than the imagery was Kai. I am admitting here and now that I’ve fallen head over heels, impossibly in love with that faery and I’m never going back. I honestly thought about making a video review because no words can truly describe the things this book is making me feel and the sounds that come out of my mouth were inhuman. Especially in the last few chapters when we reached this awesome, dramatic moment and then it all went to…a very dark and crappy, chaotic and emotionally charged place. I nearly fell off my chair from sitting so far off the edge just turning page after page wondering what Mindy Hayes was going to do to her characters next.

·         Opens with mysterious new players, dun dun DUUN!
·         All this talk of hot wings is making me hungry
·         Faylinn sounds beautiful
·         Aw she misses Kai, she didn’t say it but we know the truth
·         Even sounds like an evil name. Or just a jerky name
·         Lady’s maids are awesome. Period.
·         First house I buy: I’m designing my bedroom like Callie’s
·         Just let it go, Callie, Faylinn wasn’t built in a day
·         I love Allura. She’s so buzzerwigging sassy
·         By the way, awesome word
·         You, Evan, need to take a chill pill
·         Please just kiss. Kiss all over. Now. Please.
·         Queen lessons are an excellent way to keep the reader informed
·         Seamless info dropping. Brava
·         I’m with Kai. Suitors are always hilarious business
·         Can I use that excuse now? “Sorry, human moment”
·         I love Cormac he’s adorable
·         O. M.G. Tomas you can’t just ask a girl to bond with you
·         Damn, Sakari, you’re smooth I’ll give you that
·         Awww Kai
·         But it was such a good moment – however brief
·         That was the sweetest nonchalant compliment ever
·         Declan I love you but….no. Shhh
·         His father figure is dying and you want to run your fingers through his hair? Sounds about right
·         Such a beautiful scene. I LOVE THE IMAGERY
·         This story is turning me to absolute mush
·         I did not squeal. Okay maybe I did
·         I’ve decided Sakari is evil even if I just hate him on principle
·         Allura and Declan are perfect for each other. They both cockblock so well
·         Okay that whole dungeon/example scene was bad ass. Mad props to Callie
·         Declan. What? What? Oh sweetie
·         Melody makes me merry
·         Evan is the jerk of all jerks. That is all
·         Empty space because I’m a puddle. Just give me a second
·         Oh my god
·         Oh my god
·         That’s horrible. How could you do this to me – I mean Callie? No I mean me.
·         You’re cute, Sakari. A blind sheep. But cute
·         Noooooo!

 A fantastic - engaging - read for any lover of YA fantasy. Just an overall entrancing story.

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