Monday 11 March 2013

Undercover Lovers #9: Nikki Heat

Ah Monday morning, who doesn't love a sex scene on a March Monday? Anyways, if you haven't seen Castle then the only thing you need to know is that the character Rick based off of Kate is named Nikki Heat (side note: Book Five is available for pre-order here).

I'm still working on this 'functioning in society and not failing' thing which seems to have been avoiding me lately. Regardless of my complaining, the world is turning without me and one awesome thing that's happening is that my friend Aryea Hunt's book "Mary's Tears" is touring this week and you have a chance to win some fun prizes so check that out here).

Let's see, what else can I spill my guts about? I miss Castle (it's on a three week hiatus), Once Upon a Time killed me last night with its epic twists and questionable conspiracies, NCIS is annoying me with its character inconsistencies (which is going to bring up a rant about character consistency is fiction eventually, just wait) and I am way behind on my book reading so maybe Castle being on hiatus is a good thing. I feel like I haven't been writing enough lately though I also think writing cannot be measured on a distinct scale, there is either writing or there is not writing (kind of like do or do not, there is no try) so maybe I just need to write.

I'm just going to stop and let you read and comment now. Okay...

Kate fell to her back, her limbs melting into the carpet enveloping her body. The warm air flittered over her skin, kissing the exposed flesh not protected by her black gear. Rick collapsed beside her in a similar manner in a similar outfit – though his skin had much more colour to it than him. “Wow,” she breathed “I really should have taken your advice and played laser tag a long time ago.” He laughed with her but their eyes never left the ceiling. “If I had known it would end like this, I would have started up sooner."

"Technically you haven't finished yet." They both looked down at his still full cock and she bit her lip.

"Patience." She instructed, catching het breath. Running around playing naked laser tag and then getting off on her boyfriend's victory lap took stamina - something he seemed well versed in.  "Maybe we should join a local group.”

He was laughing with his entire body and her skin vibrated with happiness. “I highly doubt ‘Family Fun Zone’ would condone our form of laser tag.”

She finally gained the momentum to roll on to her side to face her partner, her hand landing on his chest and burning through to his heart “but our way is so much more fun.”

“I agree.” His hand fell to her waist and he stared up at her. How the hell did he get so lucky? “But I don’t share.”

She straddled him and pointed her laser gun at his head. “That’s right; you don’t share. And neither do I, are we clear.” Yes, her deeper, authoritative voice was definitely turning him on. He put his hands up to his shoulders and nodded cheekily. “Good.” She leaned down to kiss him as a reward, tossing her gun off to the side. “So this is how it will be:” she placed both hands on his chest and began to release his laser tag vest while she ground in light, teasing circles “if you do as you’re told, you get a reward.”

“Yes, Detective Beckett.”

She stopped and the colour drained from his face. She seductively unhooked her gear – or, as seductively as one could handle a piece of plastic – and threw the vest behind her. “Not Beckett; Heat. Nikki Heat.”

His smile came slowly, in a predatory fashion that made her chest heave. “Call me Jamie.”

She began a rhythmic circle of her hips as reward for playing along. “Calling you anything other than Mr. Rook would be unprofessional. And as we are partners in crime solving, we should act accordingly.”

She gasped when he ran a finger up her spine and she arched against him involuntarily. “Yes, we are partners and as such, I think we should be attuned to each other’s needs; how we react. Don’t you agree?”

“Oh god yes.” His hand slipped down her front, falling down the valley of her breasts, by passing her core and pressing his thumb into the junction of her hip. Ever touch of his skin against hers was heavy and hot, making her ache for more contact. She scraped her nails down his chest, grinding out her need for him.

“So,” he wasn’t even trying to hide his smirk “how does Nikki Heat react to this?” He pressed his thumb deeper into her skin and she jumped, seeking more of him. His hand ghosting up her side was so contrasting that she barely felt it until he pinched her nipple, rolling it roughly, and her eyes clouded over.

He continued to cup and squeeze her breasts while she grinded into the pressure at her hip. He was just watching her, his chest flush with her fingernail marks and the heat radiating from their bodies. Still tender from their last round of love making, it took no time at all to push her to the very edge until she was clinging to her last thread of sanity. She needed to relieve the tension before it ended too quickly.

She pushed down his body leaving him reaching for her while she stared at his erection with hungry eyes. Licking her lips she took him in completely in her mouth. His hips flew up in surprise but she held her hand to his hips – much as he had just done and held him down – while she continued to bob up and down, devouring him with a skilled tongue and seductive eyes that never left his. She really was such a wonder to him. Creating Nikki had hardly been a challenge when he had her strength, intelligence and sex appeal as inspiration. The way she continued holding him down while she bobbed and sucked and licked and nibbled only cemented his belief that he was dating a goddess.

He was close to release much faster than he realized – but Nikki Heat never did anything by halves and she was determined to get him on par with her sexual frustration – she’d surpassed it, surely. He caressed her hair as a sign for her to let up but that turned into a hair pull when she looked up at him through her eyelashes and continued. He tugged her forward until they were nose-to-nose, their breaths heavy against their partner’s skin.

 “You are breaking the rules, Detective, by not listening to your partner.” No one else in the world would have heard him but she smiled.

 “Oh I am perfectly aware of my surroundings,” she pressed a quick kiss to his lips “I was just enjoying myself a little too much.”

 “You’ve got to stay focused on the task at hand, Detective He-” he choked on her name when she reach between them to squeeze his cock and positioned him at her entrance. He slid in effortlessly and they gasped at the contact. She took the lead, clawing at his chest as she rode him in fast and slow intervals, building the tension passed thought. Words fell into groans and half syllables as a film of sweat coated their bodies, painting the air with ecstasy.

She saw star. More than stars she saw supernovas and sunspots against her eyelids. Everything was hot and too bright with moments of clarity when she would look down at her partner and see him staring up at her with awe and love that made her grind faster to match her beating heart. Yes, it was clich├ęd but everything was better with love and it had taken her a long time to admit it but yes, she was head over heels in love with this writer who was both child and man and sometimes somewhere in between. That was perfectly fine because, as she'd quickly discovered being in a relationship with him, he brought fun and a new kind of adventure into her life. She still led a lot of the time but there were days like today where she would just trust him and they would end up locking the doors, turning their cellphones to silent - it took a lot of convincing before he reminded her that it was her day off - and donning nothing but their laser tag gear.

They'd chase each other around the loft until the writer somehow beat his detective girlfriend at their shooting game and they'd celebrate in a similar fashion to now. She was determined to get some satisfaction out of losing their game and that seemed to involve her breasts bouncing tantalizingly above her boyfriend's face and digging into his flesh until he would swear she was drawing blood - though he could honestly care less. Being with Kate - being inside Kate - was a feeling usually reserved for heaven but apparently someone had made an exception. God, he was even getting sappy during sex. The things this woman did to him. While her hands clawed at his chest like a cat, his hands wandered in ghosts and whispers over her burning flesh, dyed pink with blind lust. He needed to touch her, every inch of her body, and one touch was never enough to fulfill his anxious hands. The memories held in his fingertips - the stories his flesh told against hers - could fill a thousand books and still leave him wanting. And god help him, it was for his eyes only.

She would never tire of him. The thought struck her as she rolled her hips back and forth kneading his flesh to keep her grounded. Every touch, every look he gave her was somehow new and yet practiced and always bore new stories of them, together, like now. She would never tire of them; they would always find new and yet old ways to please and surprise - and love - each other. Like how she could spread her legs wider over his hips and leave nothing between them but a rush of air and a lustful look. She could do it a thousand times and the groan of surprise and the way his hands flew to her hips leaving the rest of her body cool and aching for him never ceased to give her a jolt of satisfaction. He was in the palm of her hand and yet she was the one completely captured. Enthralled with each other, never tiring.

They fell together, as they did in all things, crying out as wave after wave swept through their joined bodies. They came floating back to reality as she fell to his chest, placing gentle kissing to his cheeks and lips. Somewhere in the haze she whispered “Happy release day.” and he chuckled at the childish innuendo. She was lulled by his chest rising and falling in a rhythm that matched hers while his arms came around her waist, trapping their bodies together.

 “We should celebrate every new book release like this.” He decided.

She lifted her head enough to press her lips to his for a deep breath and a hidden smile. “I couldn’t agree more Mr. Rook.”

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