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Excerpt of Call of Death by R.J. Garcia

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About The Book:


Author: R.J. Garcia

Pub. Date: November 8, 2023

Publisher: Midnight Tide Publishing

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 302

Find it: GoodreadsAmazon, Kindle

A story of first love that catapults into a rollercoaster ride of suspense.

Hannah Priestly is an obsessive-compulsive California girl attending an English boarding school with the usual teen problems. She doesn't fit in at school and is falling in love with her best friend. But when she wakes up knowing the name of a notorious serial killer at large, Norman Biggs, her life goes from complicated to scary, and her visions only grow darker.

Rory Veer is Hannah's easy-going, romantically challenged friend and school crush. When Norman Biggs unexpectedly appears in Rory's reality, terror is set in motion. It is Rory who must acknowledge a past he has denied if the mystery is to be unraveled.

Thrust into a terrifying future, they must find a way to change fate before it catches up with them.




I listened to the murmur of the waves, soft like faraway voices. Our steps were in flux with the tide. Closer in, a tangy, fishy smell hovered near the water. 

Paul sauntered up to me. “Aye, Hannah, the Creeper killed a girl not too far from here.”

“I don’t want to talk about that.” My thoughts drifted with the sound of the waves.

Paul was still hungry for attention. He picked up a stick and drew a circle in the sand, big enough for us to stand in. “This is where ya need to be. It’s a bitta white magic,” he said, knowing I wasn’t a fan of anything dark.

Rory glanced at me with a smile in his eyes and a crooked grin. I blanketed my mouth with my hand to hold back a snicker.

Paul surprised us when he produced a knife from his pocket. He clicked the blade out and slashed the air a couple of times.

“Stop playing around.” Rory’s tone became serious. “We’re fourteen. We’re not little kids anymore.”

“What exactly is it supposed to do?” I asked.

“It can make any wish come true,” Paul promised, smirking a little as he slipped the knife back into his pocket, “but ya need a full moon like tonight.”

We all looked up. The moon was oddly large and somehow menacing.

Paul continued speaking, his voice soft and easy, though I knew he was probably making it up as he went along. “There needs to be a drop of blood in the circle, and ya must want something with all yer heart and with all yer soul.”

“And that’s not dramatic at all.” Rory’s sarcasm brought me to my senses. He and I speed-walked away from the circle, closer to the water.

Paul and Christian quickly caught up with us, and Rory joked, “Hey Paul, you’re Irish. Shouldn’t you be looking for leprechauns instead?”

We all smiled except Paul. I liked that he believed in magic. He wasn’t that bad.

“I’m not happy, leprechaun Irish. I’m more like dirty Irish,” Paul explained, making Rory grin. Out of nowhere, Paul turned to me and confessed, “I still have feelings, you know. Besides my mum, you’re the only girl I care about.” His eyes were laughing eyes, just full of it, and his dark, curly hair was made of soft ringlets.

Christian had been sprouting up and was looking good, too. He seemed to have grown into his teeth and had started wearing his hair to cover his elfish ears. We weren’t exactly geeks anymore. Still, I liked Rory though he hadn’t grown much since I’d met him and was breaking out around his chin. I hadn’t grown much either or developed for that matter.

Paul’s confession must have annoyed Rory. “We should get back,” he grumbled, and I agreed.

Abruptly, Paul grabbed my hand, pulling me along the narrow strip of space between the marsh and dunes. Then he let go and started drawing another circle in the sand around us. He came back over to me. Our faces almost touching, our breath one. Under that gold moon, I was oddly attracted to him but only at that moment. He instructed, “Make a wish, Hannah.”

“Wait,” Rory called out uneasily.

“This is stupid,” Christian mumbled.

“I won’t cut myself,” I blurted.

“Fine, I will.” Paul lowered his head and smiled before a straight line of blood bloomed under the blade. He shook his index finger, and dark drops fell on the sand. I grimaced, but he laughed.

“Is this sacrilegious?” I wondered out loud, nervously bringing my hand over my mouth.

“How could moonlit ceremonies and bloodletting be sacrilegious?” Rory asked. His voice again dry and sarcastic.

Christian and I exchanged a glance.

Making the sign of the cross, I barked, “You’re crazy. Just wish for something, Paul.” I wanted out of the circle.

"Already did,” Paul replied.

My eyes explored their faces. Christian’s mouth melted into a hard frown, and Rory sported his signature confused face, eyes squinting and lips slightly parted. It should have worried me, but I didn’t care. I let go.

“Me, too.” I closed my eyes, concentrating on my wish. Then the world seemed like a collapsing star, and for a millisecond, I swear… I floated away.

About R.J. Garcia:

R.J. Garcia is a bestselling author of YA suspense. She is a wallflower, and mom of two smart kids. She earned her MSW and has worked with foster children. Writing has been her other great love.

Yet growing up with dyslexia, she had a love/hate relationship with books. She loved the covers and the idea of escaping into them. Learning to read didn’t come easy. A lot of her classmates bullied her. Nevertheless, she wanted it enough and eventually became a proud bookworm.

For as long as she could remember, she thought up stories, scribbling them down on cheap notebook paper. She has come along way since then, publishing her first two novels: Nocturnal Meetings and The Call of Death with The Parliament House. Her upcoming novel, The Star Forgot is coming from Midnight Tide Publishing. 

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