Wednesday 5 October 2022

Your Midweek Update for 10/05/22

I am big enough to admit that I might have fucked up on this one.

See, since school started, everyone has been treating me weirdly. There’s been a lot of looks and people get quiet when I walk in a room. Or they just straight up ask me how I’m feeling since my mom died and that’s better but also worse. I’m sick of it all and I just needed people to focus on something else for a bit.

So I killed one of the Juniors.

There was a party, I didn’t go but I knew it was happening so I went over there (I told James where I was because you should always tell someone where you went, if only to help find your body when you go missing). I snuck in through the back door which wasn’t hard considering most every was blasted by the time I got there. 5 minutes later, I was sneaking out the way I came, having dumped his stabbed and bled out body in a pile of passed out teens. He wouldn’t be discovered for hours but when he finally was, all hell would break loose.

Unfortunately, it broke a little too loose.

The school made the announcement on Monday morning about the kid’s death and that, in conjunction with the mayor and the local police, they would be issuing a curfew to everyone under 18. Every after school activity was cancelled, there are signs all over telling people to report any suspicion of a party. Nothing is allowed to happen after 8pm.

James tells me there are no clues about the murderer but they’re looking into his life to see if he had any enemies or crazy ex’s – because obviously some obsessed lover is the only one who can sneak into a party and stab a man to death. But apparently he was seen fighting with someone. I completely missed that but it’s a stroke of luck.

James also says the curfew will be in place until the killer is caught or the investigation is called off so it may be a while. Why did they have to pick this case to finally start caring about children? It’s very inconvenient.



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