Wednesday 3 February 2021

Your Mid-Week Update for 02/03/21

I hate technology.

Obviously, that’s a very broad statement and patently untrue – you wouldn’t be reading these if I hated technology on a fundamental level. But sometimes…I miss dial-up. Cassette tapes. VCRs. Oregon Trail.

Mostly, I hate when my laptop gives up on functioning properly for no apparent reason. I was on the phone with tech support for two hours yesterday and they had no idea what was wrong with it – just that it would no longer read USBs (despite everything functionally normally). It’s not like I can just take it in to my local repair shop and have the so-called ‘expert’ look at it. There’s some high-level encryption software on here that I barely understand because my sister is the one who installed it in the first place.

I like to think I have above-average knowledge of technology as part of the many skills I picked up in my years as a functioning psychopath, but apparently, this seemingly very basic error has stumped everyone.

It was not how I wanted to spend my Tuesday night.

I wanted to spend my night showing James the newly renovated Murder Den – we finally settled on a name. I got the last of the equipment moved in on Monday night and I added the finishing touches then. There are tarps, bleaches, medical-grade disinfectant, various tools (from scalpel to table saw), an ice box, sound-proofing, chairs, tables. I even got a solar panel on the roof so I could charge my phone while I work. All in all, I’m very proud of the work we put into this. I’m very excited to get started. In the meantime, I nipped out for a quick kill over the weekend. Just to keep myself satisfied until the real work could start.

I was feeling a little old school, so I drove around until I witnessed a man walking down a busy street without his mask on, and so I followed him until he turned off into a residential area. It was easy to coat him into my car – seriously, men you should not be so trusting of strange women; either get to the same fear-level as women, or be better people – and I just drove off. I took him to some farmland outside the city and pulled off the road, just out of sight. Obviously, he tried to fight me but Ketamine works very fast. 5.4mL of Ketamine Hydrochloride injected into the exterior carotid artery and he’s gone in minutes, hallucinating all the way.

‘Special K’ isn’t used as a club drug as often as it once was. And unfortunately, the injection site means I can’t make it look like an overdose.

But I can burn the body in the field and, because it’s so cold and dark, no one will find his burnt remains for at least a few months. I took special care to remove his eyes, teeth, ears, lips, and fingers before lighting everything on fire. Identification technology – like everything else – has come a long way since I started.

I’m learning so much about anatomy.

It’s nice to know that what is, essentially, a really involved hobby still brings me joy after all these years. That’s so rare to find something you’re truly passionate about in that way. In that way, I’m very blessed.

Still pissed about my laptop, though.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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