Wednesday 6 May 2020

Your Mid-Week Update for 05/06/20

People. People are just so dumb. I love it because there’s so many options for me. But…come on, people.

You don’t have to like the government but you need to listen to the doctors who are trying to protect as many people as possible. And you certainly can’t get into violent fights over face masks.

That’s almost too dumb for me.

People can be so self-serving – myself included – I’m just feeling so frustrated because we’re all being punished for stupid people. Only I should be punishing stupid people.

I went out for groceries over the weekend and first of all, oh my god, the line was down the block. There were signs near the front entrance that said we were required to wear some sort of protective wear when entering the store because the facility couldn’t guarantee safe distancing. Okay. I grabbed some gloves and didn’t make a fuss.

But the man in front of me, refused to comply and then refused to leave. He got into a huge argument with the security guard which ended in punches being thrown and then the police escorted him off the property.


I was so angry with that asshole, I cut out of line to follow him a couple of blocks to another store. I waited by his car until he was coming back with a bag full of food and I just stabbed him.

And then took his groceries because he wasted my time.

Stuffed him in his own open trunk and drove off.

That man ate a lot of frozen food. No wonder he was so grumpy all the time.

So we’re eating a lot of frozen pizzas this week but it’s not as though we’re entertaining guests.

I just.

I hate stupid people. Even when they’re easy to kill.

Because stupid people ruin it for the rest of us and make us eat frozen vegetarian pizza.


As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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