Wednesday 15 April 2020

Your Mid-Week Update for 04/15/20

I really hate when I have the perfect idea and never get a chance to execute it. And then I come back to the idea a few days later and it isn’t nearly as brilliant as I thought it was.

Pour example:

A wheel of death. Not a torture wheel, more like a game show type of wheel, where victims get to choose their method of death. How twisted and awesome is that?

Literally let people choose how they die. It would be very liberating for about 10 seconds and then they would die.

I could never feel bored or run out of ideas because the wheel would change it up all the time.

I still kind of like the idea but it’s so impractical. You’d have to carry around a wheel everywhere. Plus all of the tools needed for every murder on the wheel. Or, I’d have to resort to only kidnapping my victims and taking them to the location that has the wheel and all the tools. It’s too complicated and leave me too vulnerable. Maybe next time I catch someone, I’ll have them pick a number between one and five.

But I don’t trust myself to be honest about which number I choose. What if I just really want to poison someone but they choose hanging? That would take the fun out of it.

I’ll have to keep thinking of ways to incorporate choose-your-own-adventure-style murder. There’s got to be a niche for it.

Anyways, I am still bored out of my mind and restless. At least I’m getting some government money since I’ve had zero luck getting a work-from-home job.

Casey is also climbing the walls but I’m getting her to vent her frustration and sharpen her knife skills (pun absolutely intended) by learning to cook. We’re watching YouTube videos, we’re making all of our meals from scratch instead of out of a box. It’s actually been really good for us. We’ve had a chance to talk about her and what her real life was like. To hear her describe it, things we difficult because she had these urges and thoughts and no idea what they meant or what to do with them.

I understand exactly how she feels. I didn’t exactly grow up in the most nurturing household. I had to learn how best to serve my own needs by myself. I tried not to pass that same feeling of isolation onto Sandra and Jason with varying degrees of success.

But with Casey, I may actually get to do something right. I can help her.

Good things can come from this isolation and world crisis.

The murder wheel is not one of them.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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