Wednesday 4 December 2019

Your Mid-Week Update for 12/04/19

The body in the basement is beginning to smell.

He’s not dead yet but weeks of torture with no shower or bathroom have created a cloud of…disgustingness that is spreading to the rest of the house. No amount of Febreeze is going to save this so we’re currently brainstorming other solutions. If you have any suggestions, dear readers, please pass them on.

I think I’m almost ready to let him die. It’s becoming boring and tedious to keep him alive and Casey has learned all she can from him. I think I’ll let her choose his method of death and then show her my favourite body disposal area: construction sites.

So you know: if you’ve ever lived in my town of [redacted] and you’re living in a building that’s been built or majorly renovated in the last twenty years, there’s likely a body or body parts in the support. How fun is that?

I think she’ll like the trip. It’ll be a little pre-Christmas treat.

I haven’t decided what we’re going to do for Christmas this year. I haven’t exactly told my mother that we moved away. Or that Jason is gone. Or that Casey exists. I haven’t talked to her in a while. Have seen my dad since we moved him into a home either. I know, I’m a horrible daughter for not visiting him but it’s been a hectic couple of months.

So that tradition of my parents scrutinizing every aspect of my life is gone. Oh no. I thought it’d be nice to spend some time just the three of us. This will be the first Christmas with Casey – and the first without Jason – I think we could all do with a quite holiday.

It’s hard to believe it’s already December. James forgot his birthday on Monday so we surprised him with a simple dinner out at a mid-tier restaurant. All of us together like a normal family. I liked it. Not for all the time, mind you, I need a little action and adventure, but it was really nice to see everyone smiling.

It gave me hope. Maybe we can have it all.

Or at least we’ll kill trying.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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