Wednesday 20 March 2019

Your Mid-Week Update for 03/20/19

Well I killed a counsel member. On purpose. I don’t feel I had much of a choice. Given my former best friend threatened my family if I didn’t. Are these things that only happen in my life?

Honestly, if I had been bored, I might have killed this man even if I wasn’t being blackmailed. He came off as a rich asshole who feels entitled to every thing…and was exactly what he claimed to be. When he slipped me a few dollars to “go get him a drink” and then laughing when I told him I wasn’t a waitress, I knew he had to die.

Luckily, men like that are easy to kill. He doesn’t remember faces and he will believe anything you say if you’re a woman who appears mildly interested in fucking him. Regardless of a wedding ring.

We made arrangements to meet in his hotel room an hour after our “chance encounter” and five minutes later, it was all done. Strangulation disguised as failed foreplay and no discernable DNA anywhere in the hotel room (because I’m damn good at my job).

Except no, it’s not a job. I am not an assassin. Despite what Charlotte may presume. She promised she would be back if she needed anything else from me, leaving me more than a little anxious and worried for what will come next.

The hurtful thing is, if she had just asked, I would have killed for her. She was my friend and someone I learned to trust more than most. I have to wonder what happened to her. I wish I could ask her. But I haven’t seen her since the day I killed the Counselman and now all I can do is wait until she decides she needs me again.  

This is the worst form of waiting by the phone.

The second worst.

“We’ve found what’s left of your daughter.” Still trumps all phone calls I have or will ever receive.

Can we talk about how much politicians suck in general? Sure there are some out there who are trying to be an honest representation of the people’s needs and serve the community before themselves. But the majority of them are just ass-slapping capitalists who seek their own needs above others. No wonder the earth is going to explode in 12 years. Or whatever those scientists said.

No wonder I have so many targets.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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