Wednesday 22 August 2018

Your Mid-Week Update for 08/22/18

I want to introduce you to my best friend. It’s called Spot Shot. This is in no way an advertisement, I just want to tell you that this product has saved my carpets from bleach on more than one occasion. Rule of thumb, though: if you’re going to be doing a lot of killing in and around one space – or tracking bloody, evidence-filled shoes through an area – stick to hardwood floors.

Unfortunately there are still rooms in my home that are carpeted (both of the kids’ bedrooms and the front stairs, specifically). The bedrooms are fine, there hasn’t been an occasion to clean up blood in there – spaghetti and pizza stains, yes. It’s those damn front stairs. Both the landing and the living room are hardwood but if James or I are tracking in the days’ wear and tear, it gets all over the stairs.

That’s where the Spot Shot comes in. It’s the only product – besides carpet-ruining bleach – that gets blood out. It has been a god-send for the past 15 or so years. Before then, I had a lot of bleached carpets. I still do, it’s just a last resort instead of the only solution. Maybe as a gift to myself, I’ll have that carpet officially replaced. A little birthday present. No, that was Austria. Technically that was an anniversary gift.

I think I need time to financially recover from my anniversary gift before I go about any home remodelling projects.

For now, there’s Spot Shot.

I wonder if I could get a brand deal on the blog. Best to not. Besides, I already tried. I would need to consult my sister to properly set it up and that’s not likely to happen these days.

I haven’t seen her in months but she called yesterday for Sandra’s birthday. Just to day “hi”. It was nice. I have no idea where she is but I mark it as a sign that she’s okay when she remembers her daughter’s birthday.

I regret that my relationship with my sister isn’t what it perhaps should be, but we’re in a unique position and I don’t think there was ever a real chance that we would properly bond as sisters. We’re just not made that way.

I wonder if my mother knows the type of people she raised. One day I’ll ask her. One day very far away.

For now, there’s Spot Shot.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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