Wednesday 25 July 2018

Your Mid-Week Update for 07/25/18

I regret not travelling more as a young woman – and let me tell you, wanderlust is still a thing no matter your age.

Oh my god, I’m that woman I hate. The one who always talks about “women her age”. I refuse. I am ageless, I am whatever maturity I want to be today (within the limits of adulthood, I will not go through puberty again; I’d absolutely pull a Carrie and kill everyone. Publicly). Today, I want to be a 20-something who can take the time off from her part-time job, spend money she doesn’t have, and just fly to Europe for a few weeks.

It’s not that I couldn’t now. There are many books and movies about women with stable jobs who just fuck off to explore the world and “find themselves”, but I’ve never really been one of those women. I found myself in college when I discovered a way to do what I love and not go to jail so I never had the need to wander.

One of the Temps in the office was talking at lunch about how she and her girlfriend are spending three weeks in Italy before she goes back to school. All of the places she’s going to and the things she has planned – it made me want to go. Not Italy but…somewhere.

I may have been looking up flights to England on my lunch break.

There’s nothing stopping me. I have some banked hours and Jason is perfectly capable of looking after the house for a week – he’s barely home as it is. I don’t think he’s avoiding us, I just think he’s outgrowing us. I was younger than him when I moved out, not that there’s anything wrong with staying at home. I’ve seen the news, I know how shitty it is out there. I just think Jason is ready to move and I’ll support him when he tells me that.

Maybe I will go. I’ve never really been on a vacation when I didn’t need one. I’m not a 20-something who needs to go into debt just to explore beyond the city limits. I can go whenever and wherever I want. Because I’m an adult. An ageless adult.

Let’s do it; let’s go somewhere new. Any suggestions?

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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