Wednesday 21 February 2018

Your Mid-Week Update for 02/21/18

Do you know how stagnant and unromantic my relationship has become?

My husband brought me flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. I had forgotten about this Hallmark Holiday until we got home from work and threw his “gifts” on the table and walked away.

It was a good kick in the pants. I realized I’ve been neglecting some of my other relationships.

James has been working hard lately and I haven’t been ignoring him lately; he just hasn’t needed my attention – I thought. Even worse than that, he really pulled through this week.

I went in for an interview at the police station and they told me that the witness to my crimes has recanted and they are looking at all the evidence when it comes to “solving this heinous crime”. That’s code for “he knows it’s me but he can’t prove it.”

My wonderful husband came through once again. And I wasn’t even paying attention.

I couldn’t even tell you what Jason has been up to. Remember my son? The computer scientist working minimum wage who knows I’m a serial killer and just doesn’t say anything? I have no idea what he’s been doing with his time. For all I know, he’s started building a death ray in his bedroom or he got himself a significant other and just hasn’t told me.

I would have no idea if he was planning to move out of the country and join the Russian circus.

Although, have you been watching the Olympics? Such drama. Such athletic achievement.

That’s really all I have to add, I just thought it was topical.

The point is, pay attention to the people in your life: one of them could have joined the Spanish Mafia and is looking for a new house for him and his pregnant wife right now. You could never know.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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