Wednesday 10 January 2018

Your Mid-Week Update for 01/10/18

I’ve found I have to remind myself this week that it’s okay to make mistakes or fall behind on a project. I constantly forget about people and things I’m working on only to come back a few weeks later and have no idea where I left off or if it’s even worth pursuing.

Like Mary. Mary was my long, drawn-out murder mystery. It was going to take me months – maybe even years to build up this kill. When I did, I would let the police point the finger at everyone and ultimately settle on someone with suitable motive and no real alibi, leaving me a grieving and innocent friend, free to slip out of their lives forever.

I haven’t been to see Mary in a while. I spent the last two weeks of December and the first week of January forgetting that I had actually made this plan and avoiding the coffee shop – because, let’s be real, the shit is expensive. Granted, caffeine is not the most expensive addiction to have, but it is a costly endeavor nonetheless. Not everyone has multiple sugar daddy’s who provide for their every whim the Mary has. Multiple. I thought it was just two – the old guy who may or may not be her husband, and the vaguely foreign stare-at-you-over-my-newspaper-when-no-one-is-looking guy, are not the only ones, I’ve discovered.

Sunday night, I was grocery shopping with my darling husband when I ran into Mary. Mary was with a completely different man. And they definitely weren’t just friends. She did notice me and waved but didn’t call me over and pursue the matter. James thought it was hilarious that I’d stumbled on this soap opera plot. I’m just overwhelmed with all the potential patsies.

Come Monday morning, I made a point to stop by the cafĂ© to see what Mary would do. As expected, she stopped by my table to say “hello” and offered to buy me a cup of coffee some time this week. “It’s time we have some girl talk.” We’re going to lunch today so I’m sure it’ll be a very informative chat. I’m curious to see what she says.

Me, I just have to remember that it’s okay to come back to a project later More likely, you’ll come in with fresh eyes and a new perspective. And maybe you’ll catch a woman in the act of cheating on at least two men. Let life come to you sometimes.

As always, dear readers,

Stay Safe

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